We read Faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen. And, so we pray that our eyes be fixed on the evidence of hope.  That we focus on the accomplishments of the medical professionals – not on the invisible enemy; that we keep our eyes fixed on the government’s […]

There is a time……

To enjoy a balanced life, one must embrace and understand time.  Many know there is a time for giving and time for receiving; a time to go and do, and a time to stop and rest; a time to talk and a time to listen but do we understand its importance. Today, many are stressed because […]

Follow the Leader OR not?

A famous French naturalist, Jean-Henri Fabre, conducted an experiment with Processionary caterpillars.  He placed the caterpillars in a single file around the rim of a flowerpot with food in the middle inches away.  And, as their name implies, the procession of caterpillars began and instinctively they followed the caterpillar in front.   All the caterpillars went […]


What does being grateful mean to you? For me, it is:  Having a sense of humility and patience for myself and others.  Counting my blessings the moment I wake up, naming each one throughout the day.  Being content with my best and not competing with the best in others.  Showing myself and others kindness when […]

It’s Gift Giving Time

There are so many gifts you can give yourself, but the most meaningful and everlasting are the following four: to accept and love who you are with all perfect imperfections to understand you did your best with what you knew at the time to appreciate and recognize your efforts to forgive yourself and let go […]

How flexible are we?

The word flexibility has multiple meanings and varies from person to person.   For some, flexibility means bendable, pliable, malleable, moldable, adaptability and resilient.  For others, it means open to new ideas, willing to compromise and see from another’s point of view.    To know and understand your flexibility quotient, join me in the following experiment.  […]

Want to Improve Relationsips?

10 steps to improve relationships with ourselves first then with others: Be humble Acknowledge the Power within greater than ourselves Stop the reactive cycle – Pause, Pray, Listen, Process then Proceed Know the intention behind your thoughts, words and actions Apologize sooner rather than later Forgive yourself, then make different choices Seek to resolve differences […]

How to avoid OVERWHELM

The word ‘OVERWHELM’ is a term we are hearing more now than ever before.  It is a term that describes a feeling of being buried under a huge amount of _____(you can fill in the blank).    We, you and I, will experience the feeling of being overwhelmed at some or many points of our […]