Need Peace?

Not at peace?  Let your five senses minister to your soul. Take time to look at a sunrise, a reminder that this is a new day. Take time to listen to the birds singing and know they are singing to bring you joy. Take time to touch and smell a beautiful flower that flower grows […]

How curious are you?

If we want to tap into the genius within, be willing to ask questions?    If you want to wake up your curiosity, become inquisitive. If you want to __________ takes 10 minutes each day and mindfully become curious about YOU – your thoughts, your surroundings, your beliefs, etc.   And, if you don’t have 10 minutes […]

How curious are we?

Our curiosity plays a major role in our lives and in the lives of others.   So how curious are you? It was curiosity that stretched the limits of scientists and today we have space travel. It was curiosity among medical professionals that created a cholesterol test to assess our risk of a heart attack. It […]

What do you believe?

What do you believe?   If you never asked that question or did and blew off the answer, today is the day to ask again and listen. What do you believe?   Do you believe life is more than yesterday’s detours and roadblocks?  Do you believe Heaven knows your existence and leads you to be everything you […]

When challenged……

When challenged With unexpected events that shatter our world, we get angry.   Don’t deny the anger, funnel it and become someone’s peace. With unexpected events that break our hearts, we feel helpless.  Don’t deny the feeling, funnel it and become someone’s hope. With every challenge we can rise up showing up united in faith knowing […]

Path of peace…..choose this day

When you are ready to live centered and walk the path of peace, you will: stop playing small honor your sacredness live today as today not from yesterday’s experiences detach from your attachments give up attacking, accusing and judging yourself and others live from the heart – the love center – not the head – […]

I CAN or I CAN’T choose!

There are many words describing what we believe, and the two that really matter are I CAN or I CAN’T. I CAN believers see a world filled with possibilities, support and encouragement. They understand behind challenges are opportunities of solutions.   I CAN believes don’t deny the storms of life, they see through them and find […]

Do you understand your filters?

Unguarded filters keep us from experiencing true happiness. Irrational filters believe it’s ok to not forgive or let go of a past story.   Uncontrolled filters keep us stuck insisting on having things our way or the highway.     Unconscious filters keep us feeling unloved preventing us from living as LOVE. Look around, then look again.  It […]

Ever wonder?

If and when our world spins out of control or we are experiencing overwhelm, best to PAUSE & PRAY before reacting.   If and when questions arise and doubt takes over, best to PAUSE & MEDITATE. In prayer, we spend time with the Creator talking about our challenges.  But, when we meditate, we spend time listening […]


Olympic Winner Simone Biles writes maybe it’s good we don’t know what will happen next in our stories because if we did, we may not turn the page and miss the experience of good that comes out of hard times. Remember all things, not some things, will work together for our good, IF we look […]

Is it faith, hope or both?

Is it faith, hope or both? Faith is the assurance, that gut feeling,  that guides and helps us ease into a busy day.  It is that inner self-trust and knowing that all things will work out for our good – even the things we don’t understand.   Hope is living in the moment, believing that nothing […]

A story to think about

A story to think about.  Two frineds on their daily walk, slipped off the mountain side.   Both gripped with fear, held onto the cliff’s edge and began praying , “God please send someone to save us.”   Shortly after praying,  someone came along, reached down and shouted,  “Let go of the edge and grab my […]

Was the plan a wish or a dream?

Everyone has a plan, a dream, a vision until life happens and they get punched out.   In life, our plans will be filled with bumps, hills and detours, what’s the plan when you hit one?     Is the plan to go back to the status quo,  quit trying, change the vision or forge through?   No matter what […]

Who will win?

We are reminded when we do what others say we can’t do, we will never pay attention to their limiting beliefs again. So what will we do with this reminder,  nod and go on living our daily routine, continue to follow main stream I can’t thinking, choose to bury our dreams and avoid swimming upstream?  […]

How will you choose?

Avoiding drama is not easy but possible when we choose the role of an observer and not the role of a participant. Like Aikido, a Japanese form of self-defense, an observer does not deny the situation, but steps to one side of the situation.   An observer does not embrace negative thoughts and emotions but chooses […]

Ready or not here comes change

Facing the inevitability of change is challenging and at times down right HARD.    But, whether we are ready or not, change happens.    At some point we will change careers, partners, cars, homes, friends and more.  We grow older, gain and loss weight, spend money and save money.  We experience birth and sadly death.   Change […]

If you knew…….

If we knew what we thought and said would come to pass, would we listen more intently?   If we understood that by words, we consciously and unconsciously paint pictures of our lives, would we be more observant? Proverbs reminds us over and over that there is power in our words.  How we trap ourselves by […]

What kind of love is this?

When we find ourselves asking what kind of Love is this, STOP and explore.   Love comes in many people, places and things.  And, in two forms,   from the heart or the head – both are opposing opposites. If we become impatient, fault-finding, experience an inner desire to move on, we are in love from the […]

A Rose is a Rose

A rose is a rose and will still be a rose even when called another name.   Can we say the same?   Do we know who we are even when others call us by a different name? A rose accepting its own beauty, thorns and all, does not attempt to measure up, compare or want […]

It’s a New Year….now what?

It’s January, the beginning of a New Year, so what changed?   If you find the only thing that changed is your calendar,  then you decided to hold onto the old, not let go of _________and not create space for the new ________. Living an extraordinary life is a decision.  If we are not living extraordinary, […]

A 2 Step Process….examine your files

Dr. Bruce Lipton compares the subconscious mind to a computer hard drive processing, storing and labeling files all the time.    And, without taking time to examine the effects of our thoughts, it would be almost impossible to identify the files mislabeled because of clouded perceptions, fear of rejection, feelings of unworthiness, expectations being disappointed, […]

How will you use your free gift?

Everyone is born with a free gift – the gift to give and receive love.   BUT, not everyone will use this gift in the same way.  Some will choose to use this powerful gift to control and hurt others.  While others will use this gift to heal.  And, many will choose not to use it […]

A practice when challenged….

Complaining about life’s challenges will not eliminate them.   What complaining will do is make them bigger and louder. Accepting challenges is not easy but it is doable.   If you are tired of hearing yourself complain about this or that, the following 3 step NLP practice will help redirect your stress and help you live more […]

Did you hear your story?

Who and what we connect to becomes our story.   Will today be the day you let go of their story, so you can tell yours?   Never forget the truth of your story and the strength to tell it can only be found within. Choose this day and turn your attention from out there to in […]

Your Power to Heal

In his book The Secret of Healing, author Jack Addington writes if we believe in any source of healing, we open our minds and receive the wholeness that is already ours.   For then, we recognize we are a mirror reflecting our Divine Power. And, when you are ready, embrace this truth, tap into your power and […]

Your beating heart

It is said our hearts beat approximately 35 million times in a year. (Nova)   Ever wonder how many of those beats went toward love and, how many went toward anger? Decide this day to protect your heart because out it comes the issues of life.   Choose to check in throughout the day, mindful of […]

Is that time today?

There will come a time: when we recognize who and what really matters, who and what never did, and who and what always will when our thoughts are heart directed and our actions love directed when we live authentically and courageously, not fearful of our vulnerability when we acknowledge we are one and what affects […]

Listen carefully

It is said by our words, we tell the world all about ourselves.   But, are we listening? By our words we justify and judge and by our words we are merciful and loving.  Listen carefully, for out of the abundance of the heart, what we think we speak.

This __ without that ___ cannot be

Can we ever find a solution without having a problem or experience the beauty of a butterfly without the transformation of a caterpillar?   So why when we look for new beginnings, are we surprised when challenges and transformations present themselves? Think about this, can we ever experience the richness of life or fly free as […]

How will we choose?

No we can’t avoid some of  life challenges BUT,  we can find ways to get through them. The greatest teachers, Jesus, Buddha, Mother Teresa, Bethany Hamilton and Boston Bomber Survivor Jeff Bauman are among the many who faced and defeated life’s challenges.   AND, each one left an inspirational path for us to follow.  Now the […]

A Heart That Was Healed

And, the day came when you knew your heart was healed. How will you know?   You will know when you no longer have the need to talk about your past hurts and disappointments.   For then, you know you have let go of the past and forgiven. This could be that day, listen.

Faith isn’t faith until……

Faith isn’t faith until it’s all we can hold onto when there is no end in sight. Faith isn’t faith until we recognize there’s somebody bigger within you or I. Faith isn’t faith until we are willing to climb out on the skinny branches and take a risk. Faith isnt faith until we see what […]

Consider this…..

Consider this, When we live from the heart, we respond from a place of love When we see from the heart, we focus on the Creator within every person, place and thing When we experience life from the heart, we embrace possibilities Now consider where you have been living, then decide where you want to […]

New Year, New Beginnings………

New Year, New Beginnings, New Intentions – living from the Heart with the following 5 Reiki Principles: Just for today I will not worry Just for today I will not be angry Just for today I will be grateful Just for today I will be and do everything authentically and honestly Just for today I […]


When we practice mindful living, we are conscious of our triggers.   Triggers are emotions we pack deep inside.  They are associated with thoughts, feelings and traumas of past experiences carried from place to place and person to person. As 2017 comes to a close, take time to look inside your heart and see what emotional baggage you are carrying.  Then, decide to embrace, feel and let go of the […]

Want …..

Want: To live content?  Live from a thankful heart. To experience love?  Be mindful of your words and actions. To live peacefully?   Take nothing or no one for granted. To receive?  Give without expectations. To be forgiven?   Forgive without reason. To be abundant?  Live as if today were your last day on earth. […]

Do you want…..

Do you want to be remembered, have more happiness, more abundance and love? Then, become someones’s helping hands, open your heart and become the love you seek. And, you will be remembered, happier, receive more love and become more abundance.

To live……

To live authentically, live accepting, loving, with compassion and understanding of self and others. For the value we place on ourselves, is the value we will place on others.

We are ONE

We are the butterfly effect – a small event, an action, a thought causes large effects around the world. There comes a time when we heed a certain call, when the world must come together as one…….a time to lend a hand……a time to know we are all a part of God’s great big family. We […]


We are more than Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. We are meant to transcend to Greatness: to live from the ordinary to the extraordinary to pay our blessings forward to claim our Divine birthright This is the Season; this is the day – transcend and live your Greatness.  

I Trust On Me….a story

No matter how big or small, young or old, there is always a Trust On Me moment. Ella was 7 when she wrote her story – I Trust On Me.   Entering a new grade,  she found herself in new situations, with new kids, unfamiliar territory, facing new fears and uncertainties.  But Ella knew the source […]

Something to think about….

If we are asked do we want to know the truth, will we respond, “Yes I can or No I can’t handle the truth.” Ancient Egyptians believe we are asked two questions in the afterlife: 1.  did you bring joy 2.  did you find joy If asked the same questions in this life, how would […]

Who are we?

Who are we? We are not our circumstances or possessions. We are not what we did or did not do in the past. If we are not our circumstances, possessions and past,  then who are we? We are this present moment and, the belief we now hold in our hearts.    

First Believe

To become who we want to be, we must first believe. Believe that our past story does not define us and choose a new story. Believe we are valued and what we say to ourselves and others will matter. Believe we are extraordinary and not mediocrity. And, now you will see how and what is […]

Are we listening?

What’s in your heart, the treasure chest of stored wants and desires? Proverbs reminds us to listen and find treasures we have buried (good and not so good) behind our words.   We are told life and destruction come out of the mouth, but are we listening?    We know with words we can tear down or […]

Love is an influencer……

We are influenced by love is a statement of truth.   A truer statement is how we love – conditional or unconditional – that influences us so much more.   To find out how we have, are and will love review the following: I know I am loving unconditionally when I am: patient and kind to […]

How determined are we?

How determined are we? Will we be so determined to have things our way that we allow our grievances to cloud our perceptions?   Or, will we let all preconceived notions go and live determined to be at peace with ourselves first, then with others?    Today, you are once again at choice – to determine what […]

You, the miracle

How would we live if we knew today would be filled with miracles?    Would we give more and worry less?  Would we be more patient and compassionate?   How would we feel?  Would we feel lighter, more content and thankful? Believe it or not, each day begins with a miracle.   It’s the beating of your heart.     […]

Directions …. where are you going

A great philosopher wrote: If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.  He will put some things behind, will pass an invisible boundary and new will begin to establish themselves around and within […]

Be A Meaningful Specific

Four ways to become a meaningful specific: 1. Find a purpose.  Without one, we become double minded and influenced by others. 2. Have a focus.  Without one,  we are easily distracted and doubtful of our next steps. 3. Establish a direction.  Without one, how can we move forward. 4. Create a vision.  Without one,  how […]

If not here then where?

Want to start today without yesterday’s chaos, check in and ask, “Where am I – here or there?” Want to live today without yesterday’s anxious thoughts, check in and affirm:   In the multitude of my anxious thoughts, I am comforted.   My heart and mind open to new ways of seeing, feeling and doing what is […]

Stories re-lived or…..

It is said we cannot re-live our history.   A statement of truth, but not a true statement.  For it is possible to re-live our history by choosing to tell a different story, Yes, life has disappointments and hurts, expect them, but don’t build your entire life story around them.   Today is a new day with […]

How we pray…..

How we pray matters. Prayers filled with faith, Buddha shares, engenders a super-normal mental state where the impossible becomes possible.   Prayers filled with doubt, engenders what’s impossible and remains impossible. When we pray in faith, we do not look at what is happening out there,  but what is going on within us.   For then we […]

We are at choice, decide.

Knowing we are at choice, why decide to choose the latter? We decide how to live our lives –  happy or miserable. We choose to live life filled with love or fear.  We decide the who and what are similar or different. We choose to play the role of victor or victim. We decide to […]

Feeling stuck……

Feeling stuck, listen and see.   Language is a reflection of thoughts that we choose to put into motion – we think so we speak, we speak so we act. The answer to our stuck-ness is waking up, becoming aware and acknowledging we are stuck.   Awareness is turning off the auto-pilot button long enough to […]

Living at ease…..

Want to be live in the here and now?   Then let go of yesterday’s thoughts and tomorrow’s concerns – it’s that simple. There is no magic, no guru speaking or special formula to help everyone live in the present moment.   It’s simply an individual decision; a practice of participating in life moment by moment. I […]

So you believed in what?

What will you believe if you don’t believe in yourself? If we believe our significance comes from the acknowledgement of others, we will always be unsatisfied with our efforts until someone else acknowledges our good.   If we repeat over and over  hopeless dry desert stories from our past,  we will not believe or look for […]

Receive and so it will be….

Feeling unsafe, down and alone?  I pray the following message brings you peace and serenity. Open your heart, to the song’s lyrics and receive The Prayer, I pray you’ll be our eyes, and watch us where we go. And help us to be wise, in times when we don’t know. Let this be our […]

We are born to love……

We are born to love, therefore there is no need to teach love.  What needs to be taught is how to love, and love unconditionally. Unconditional love has no regrets because unconditional love has no predetermined expectations. Unconditional love holds no malice because unconditional love is forgiveness. Unconditional love has no shoulds or should nots […]

And so it will be…..

When we pray, avoid praying for conditions to change.   Instead, pray for your thoughts to change about the conditions.   For when we change our thoughts about the conditions, the conditions change.

Bittersweet feelings……

The Holiday Season seems to bring out bittersweet feelings for many.  The loss of a loved one, the loss of employment, a lost relationship,  social status and more, are remembered.    If you are among the many, think about comparing your life to a ship afloat at sea.   As the storms come and heavy rains fall […]

It’s never to late…

It’s never to late to live your dream. You may be 69 years young and want to run for office, do it!  Ronald Reagan was elected President at 69. You may be 79 and want to bring ideas to fruition, do it!  Ben Franklin created bi-focal lens at 79. You may be the adventurous type […]

Menu of Your Life = Perceptions, Beliefs, Actions

Perceptions = interpretations = actions, check in and choose. Are we seeing everyone and everything as a threat?   Then we will react with mistrust.   But, if we see good in everything and in everyone, we respond with love. Are we seeing only through our humanness?   If yes, then we will only find human weaknesses.  But, if we see through our spiritual eyes, […]

Are you listening?

What are our words saying?  Listen. Are your words encouraging or hurtful?  LIsten. Do you often think if I could turn back the hands of time I would not have said that?   Listen. Are we repeating the same word/words everyday?  Listen. Do our words come from the heart or the head?  Listen It is said, it […]

Serenity is mine if……

We become a slave to our defenses and pay the price for wanting to be right. When we see our equality, we look at the past and recognize that there was no need to become defensive.  And as we do, we will find serenity as we stand secure and certain within ourselves. When we release the need […]

We get to choose YET, AGAIN

Today, we get to choose again. Think about that.   Will you choose to see another as a friend?  Will you choose to dwell on your imperfections and the imperfections of another?  Will you choose to open your heart and let you see the wounded child within? Today, you are at choice again.  May your choices […]

And, so it will be……

Everyday we live by choice.   We choose what we dwell on, what we say, what to eat, wear, love, forgive, not love, not forgive, the actions we take, not take and more. Everyday we are at choice.   Will we choose to repeat yesterday’s thoughts, words and actions?  Will we choose to react on _________or […]

Who are you if only this moment?

Research shows we have between 50,000 and 70,000 thousand thoughts per day (  And, most of those thoughts are unconscious. Ever wonder, what opportunities were missed because of auto-pilot, not mindful thinking?  Ever given it a second thought of how your life would evolve if you lived paying attention?  Ever imagine how our lives would […]

Life – respond or react?

Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it.  A good thing to remember when life gets chaotic. How we choose to show up, will be the difference.  What role we decide to play – victim or victor – does matter.   When we live from our greatness, our highest potential,  […]

Your Ideas Matter

Think about this,  everyone has ideas, but not everyone acts on them. How many ideas have you had and have now that needs to be acted on?    Then, think about this – the  ideas you have now, or the ones you had yesterday, could be the answer to someone’s challenge,  a solution to a […]

Decide on the ingredients…..

What does a good day look like for you? Does it look like a recipe filled with a pinch of gratitude, a sprinkle of hope. spoonfuls of faith and joy?   Would you add ounces of smiles, pounds of love and baked with understanding in an oven called patience? Decide on the ingredients and the quantity […]

WHY is that?

Asking WHY, uncovers the compelling reasons behind our thoughts, words and actions. Our WHYs  determine our motivation and drive,   Our WHY’s help uncover solutions to our challenges.   And, ultimately It is our WHY’s that influence our choices.

A Meditation

A Meditation – In this moment I breath and deeply affirm: The mind of the God, my Source, my Creator, is my mind, directing and guiding me now.  There is nothing to fear. The good I seek is seeking me.  There is no lack. The people, places and things I let go of frees me […]

Love is……

What is love? Love is a feeling of ACCEPTANCE.  It is a knowing that we are understood and not judged when triggered.  Love is forgiving and does not live in the past.  Love is embracing all our perfect imperfections and the imperfections of others. Love can be seen in the eyes of a lover who […]

Look around and see….

All things point to the present. The Sacred Language of the Universe reminds us if we want to understand the causes that existed in the past, look at the results manifested in the present.   If we want to understand what results will be manifested in the future, look at the causes that exist in the […]

Where are you?

Can we embrace that today is the first day of the rest of our lives;  that tomorrow will be the first day of the rest of our lives, and the next day and the day after that will be the first day of the rest of our lives? If right now is all we have, […]

Do you know the secret?

It has been said, the greatest secret in life is having faith in something.  And, YOU are that something. If we do not believe in ourselves, accept and love our perfect imperfections, then we will be ordinary people unable to accomplish extraordinary things.    BUT, if we believe we are whatever comes after our I AM,  […]

Who are our teachers?

Who are our teachers?   Are they the ones who go along with all our ideas?  Or, are our teachers those who challenge us and make us think introspectively? Who are our greatest teachers?   Are they the ones who agree with us 99% of the time?  Or, are our greatest teachers those who push our buttons  […]

It’s your story….

We know we have a story.  The question is whose voice will tell your story?   Will your story be told from the inner critic who whispers you could have done better, you are not enough, undeserving, not worthy, etc.   Will you allow your story to be told by outsiders, who think they know you but […]

A strategy to remain calm………

Want a strategy to remain calm throughout your day, CHECK IN. Morning check in – what are you thinking?  Did you start the day with yesterday thoughts, future tasks or in the present setting an intention, grateful for a new day? Mid morning check in – did you hear yourself barking at the cashier because […]

What we know….

What do we know? We know what is focused on becomes bigger, brighter and louder. We know many live life on auto-pilot. We know forgiveness is key to inner peace and happiness. We know yesterday can never be repeated and tomorrow may never come. We know there are 1440 minutes in a day and we […]

How will you choose?

The good book says it rains on the just and unjust.   With that being said, what matters then is not the rain, but what we do in the rain as it falls. We are told, the greatest weapon against ourselves is between our ears.   They are our thoughts of fear and doubt that come naturally […]

A Power Tool – Your Smile

Did you know your smile is a powerful tool? When you smile, endorphins and serotonin are activated in the body causing you to relax and de-stress. Research shows smiling is a mood changer.   A smile is facial feedback for the brain.  When we smile, the brain senses the flexion of certain facial muscles required to […]

If you are ready, say YES

YES,  it is possible to practice and share unconditional love when we are ready to: stop looking for our differences recognize we are all perfect imperfections decline from playing the game of pretense decide to live from the heart not from ego allow ourselves to let go of expectations allow ourselves and others to just […]

History, create it or read about it…..

What if you had a choice to read about history or be part of creating history.  What would you choose?   Would fear, doubt and what ifs choose for you? Edison failed 1000 times, his idea of a light bulb was considered impossible but Edison decided to create history. Honda found himself alienated from Japanese businessmen.  […]

Listen to the Inner Child

What would we hear if we asked our inner child what he/she wanted and needed?   Ask, then listen. Would we hear: I need to feel loved because when I feel loved I feel special. I want to feel heard because when I feel I am heard, I feel I matter. I need to feel safe […]

What are we looking for?

Research shows people who have and live for a dream, live longer, happier and have a healthier quality of life.   We live under pressure when we try to fulfill the purpose, thoughts, visions and dreams of others. It is said, our eyes only see, our ears only hear, our words only speak what our brain […]


What are we creating with our words? Listen!   Do we hear words filled with fear, doubt, anger, limitations?  Are we consistently repeating negative reports heard from another over and over again?      Our words, silently repeated or spoken out loud, have power to create our anxiety or our peace.   For it’s not what others […]

How do we know?

We are our faith in action when we: continue to drive in the dark when we can’t see beyond 100 feet continue to take the next step and the next when we can’t see the top of the stairs continue to believe our dreams when everyone is saying they are not possible We know our faith […]

What’s your story telling?

Who would we be without our stories?   What opportunities would unfold if we told a different story? Our lives become the stories we tell and believe everyday.  If we listened, what would we hear?   Would we hear stories filled with drama, victimized or how we did, are and will overcome adversity?   Will our stories begin […]

Choose your path…..

There is a difficult path we walk every day and, we get to choose the degree of its difficulty. The path is meeting someone, anyone, half way.  The difficulty is in persisting on having things our way and resisting the ideas, help and love of others.   When we remain flexible, open and accepting,  we find […]

When we don’t, can’t…..

What do we do when we don’t know what to do;?  What do we do when we can’t understand the actions of another?   What can we do when we just don’t know what to say? We pray – God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, to change the things […]

So what are we thinking?

We choose the thought.  We choose the words and actions to take from the thought.  So what are we thinking? It is said no single thought like no single step creates a path.  Repeated thoughts like repeated steps form a solid path.  So what path are we choosing? Like a solid path, we deepen a […]

Denial or Truth

Denial is a self-defense mechanism many use to avoid accountability and rejection.   But, in doing so, are we denying our God-given gifts, our connections, sharing love, thoughts and ideas because we fear being rejected?   And, are we denying our happiness because we return to past experiences blaming others because we do not want to be […]

Can you?

If we can, would we? If we judged not, would we become the bridge over someones’ troubled water? If we embraced happiness, would we be happy? If we saw ourselves more than we are, would we become our vision? If we let go and forgive ourselves, would we say, ‘I Trust on Me’, and mean […]

Define your leadership….

What does extraordinary leaders do that ordinary leaders do not? Extraordinary leaders: understand their power comes from within. embrace their power when others never dream, feel or imagine it. know this power helps them do what they never thought they could. acknowledge there are no limitations in what they can do except the limitations they […]

When love ….. then

5 important things to remember concerning love: When love leads, peace and understanding happen. When love is found, forgiveness and compassion follow. When love is shared, we speak the same language. When love is the intention, the hungry are feed. When love is embraced, the lonely find a friend.

What everyone needs…..the answer is in a song!

What everyone knows and needs. There’s nothing we can do that can’t be done.   Nothing we can sing that can’t be sung.   Nothing we can say but we can learn how to play the game.  It’s easy.  All we need is love. There’s nothing we can make that can’t be made.   No one we can […]

Piece by piece…….

Life, like a new puzzle, brings new challenges.   And, like a new puzzle, if we address our challenges like we address a puzzle, taking one piece at time, corners first, then straight line pieces, then colors, shapes etc., before we know it the puzzle is back together and so it will be with our lives. […]

My confidence level is?

Confidence – what is it and do you have it? Confidence is trusting oneself in all things.  It is a state of hopefulness. Confidence is lovingly accepting ourselves – who we are, who we want to become, what we believe and more. Confidence is knowing that all our outcomes will be our teacher. Check it out, on a scale […]

Where to start?

When we find our finger pointing to others, blaming them for our anger, jealousy, hate, mistrust and more, point again.    Author Stephen Covey reminds us if you start to think the problem is ‘out there,’ stop yourself.  That thought is the problem.

You see what?

We heard it said what you see is what you get.  If true, how are we seeing our lives? Are we giving more than we receive because we see ourselves as undeserving? Are we saying, “I’ll believe it when I see it” then get angry when whatever it is does not appear? Are we expecting and seeing the […]

Who was in charge?

So who was in charge during the storm – Ego or Spirit? Ego is the invisible force demanding its way.  It is the unquenchable desire to expect things to always go our way, seek what’s easy and comfortable.   It’s that little voice inside that repeats over and over destructive and quarrelsome self-talk. Spirit on the […]

Promises, promises…..

Below are a few things to promise yourself everyday: Be compassionate and understanding.  You are not going to understand everything or everyone. Remain strong and filled with courage when faced with fearful events.   Everything has a beginning, middle and end. Smile often.  Smiling is a drug free mood changer. Find something or someone to be grateful for.  […]

Perceptions….what are we seeing?

There is always another way. Today, recognize that we can shift our perceptions and change what is being perceived through our senses.    It is that easy.  WHY?  Because when our perceptions change, we change and when we change, our beliefs, words, actions, habits and life change. For some, it will be difficult because they will choose to stubbornly hold onto yesterday’s perceptions.  […]

What are we expecting?

If we choose to see through the eyes of  love, acceptance and  forgiveness, we see a world filled with peace and harmony.  But, if we choose to see a world filled with chaos, anger and hate, more chaos, anger and hate will be revealed. Research proves ones expectation is a powerful force.  Like gravity, our expectations draw to […]

Keep seeking…..

A land owner unfamiliar with diamonds in the rough, saw many stones along the river bank of his property.  Not knowing nor bothering to find out what they were, he decided they were worthless.  Now despondent, he sold the property and went looking for his treasure elsewhere. After many years of seeking, the land owner returns […]

We are always at choice…..

We prevent ourselves from living in the present when our minds are preoccupied with thoughts of the past. We prevent living in the moment when we use time against ourselves and continue living for tomorrow. We remain in the present by checking in during the day asking the following questions, Where am I Where do I […]

Thoughts Create

If we believe there are no neutral thoughts and every thought cannot be without an effect then, we will be mindful of our thoughts. If we believe what we think, we create and as we create, so it will be, we will live mindful of our thinking. If we believe every thought is creating something or […]

A Universal Law

Cause and Effect – A Universal Law. We see the world that has been made, but do we see ourselves as partners in its creation?  Don’t like what we see, change the cause, the effects will change automatically. You or I cannot escape from the world’s effects without changing the cause.  If we choose not to give up […]

Over promising?

If we uncovered the why and the effects of over promising, would we over promise? When we over promise: we create excessive worry and stress. we set unrealistic expectations and dead lines. we diminish our self-worth, self-acceptance and increase the need for validation. we question if our best is good enough. we rob ourselves of […]

Is it a dream or a wish?

Do you have a dream?  Then don’t let someone tell you that you can’t see your dream come true. People tell you, you can’t because they believe they can’t.    When people can’t believe in themselves, they are not going to believe in you either.  You have to believe it for yourself.    In the movie Pursuit […]

Want more …….

Want more peace, joy and contentment in your life?    Agree to the following: 1.  Intend to speak only from the heart not from the head.   The heart speaks love, peace, resolve and forgiveness, the head speaks ego, anger, winning and no forgiveness. 2.  Don’t take what others say or do personally.   Wounded people hurt […]

Ever wonder?

Ever wonder why we do the things we do?   Like why do we: put limits on ourselves believe we can’t doubt our abilities and stop trying look for everyone’s approval before taking action on an idea set impossible standards, then wonder why we fail remain in our comfort zone and question why we feel so stuck […]

Who’s voice will we choose?

There are many voices beckoning us to go this way, that way, come here, go there, but who’s voice are we listening to? If we listen to the voice of the world, we hear many calling us to side with division, greed, hate and anger.  If we listen to the still voice of Spirit within […]

Make a list….

Today, be someone’s rainbow of hope.   Share a kind word with a stranger.   Give like there was no tomorrow.   People may forget our name, but will never forget how we made them feel. If we created a list of differences we made in the lives of others, how long would that list […]

It’s possible when……

Philosophers believe when we all think alike, no one thinks.   Amazing things happen when we collaborate together – one mind and one heart. At this very moment, teams of doctors and scientists are uncovering cures for what was incurable.  As we are taking  our next breath, treatments for addictions are being designed that were thought to […]

Want more…..

Want more peace, joy, love and fulfillment in life? Wish as if you were the wish Love as if you were the love Give as if you were receiving Want more peace, joy, love and fulfillment in life?   Become the person you want others to be.

See differntly……

What is an Invisible Creator?   It is a Creator who sees – everything, everyone – and says, “it is good….” We are created to live in a world of diversity; to live in a garden filled with roses, daffodils, sunflowers, trees and more.   Life was meant for us to co-exist, to live as one and find our place in the puzzle […]

Are we listening?

When we hear ourselves repeating – listen to me – stop and ask am I listening? Hearing through the ears of others is practicing the Art of Understanding.  When we listen to understand, we criticize less knowing things are not always what they appear to be.   Author Stephen Covey reminds us to give others emotional oxygen by listening […]

Up or Down Our Choice….

We are reminded how and what we choose will help us grow up or grow down.   Think about yesterday’s choices – in what direction did they take you? Our identity is tied to our choices and when we make I’m afraid or they want me to choices  we limit what’s possible.  Ronald Reagan choose […]

Live on purpose……

Living on purpose leads one to seek and find the good in all people, places and things.   Now, driven by love, we heal angry hearts, understand and comfort those who are hurting. Living without a purpose leads one to seek and find the ugly in all people, places and things.   Now, driven by hate, we […]

Influencing who?

Who are we attempting to influence in our prayer life? Emerson reminds us what lies behind us and what lies in front of us pales in comparison to what lies inside of us. Our background and situations may have influenced who we are, but we are responsible for who we become. Pray not to influence outside […]

Our words are telling……..

We draw to us what we speak about over and over again.    Listen to your words and hear your statements of truth – I am ______, I always ______, Everything is_______, Proverbs reminds us words can be used to build up ourselves and others or tear down.   They are likened to a honeycomb, sweet, beneficial, […]

Self-care = Self-love

What is self-care?  Self-care is providing love and care for you by you.  It is treating yourself kindly and being mindful of your physical, emotional and psychological well-being. So is self-care important?  It is if we want: to avoid burn out by running ourselves into the ground with too many obligations to avoid compassion fatigue […]

Flow with life….

Is it possible to live in the flow of life? It is if you can let go of trying to control every person, place and thing. It is when we decide to let our heart’s feel without fear. It is if you live moment to moment knowing life is for you. It is if we […]

To have less confusion we……

Do we know how many people we can talk to,  how many cups of coffee, cans of soda or bottled water we can drink at once?   The answer is obvious,  it is one at a time. Yes it is a fact that we can address multiple people from a podium, prepare many cups of coffee […]

Talents and Possibilities

Everyone is born with a talent, a gift from the Creator. Our unique talents create opportunities.   But, when we believe our talents are not good enough, not perfect enough, opportunities diminish and our creativity weakens.  For we alone are the author and finisher of our fate.   And, we alone choose their labels. Look around to […]

We are at choice

Looking for happiness, cast aside your worries and look to nature.     A palm tree is not concerned when the storms are raging but is steadfast, flexible and assured by its roots grounded to Mother Earth.   And, look at the birds, they are not stressed out, worrying about food, water or shelter.  They believe the […]

Day and night, dream

We are not our wildest dreams, but who we can become is because of our wildest dreams.  So, day and night, keep on dreaming. The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams writes Eleanor Roosevelt.   For in our dreams, memories meet emotions,  solutions are uncovered and new ideas blossom.  […]

Today, what will you……?

Today, I will give thanks for this is a new day.   A day free to express myself and choose my attitude toward life itself. Today, I choose to leave yesterday behind and see people, places and things as opportunities for me to grow. Today, I choose to listen and learn. Today, I choose to […]

Choose your experience……

Research shows we have 50,000 or more thoughts per day.  Some thoughts are temporary, they come and go, others are habitual and become deeply rooted in our hearts and minds. If we believe what we consistently think about we bring about, we will live alert and aware.  For what we continue to think about we […]

We are at choice….

It is said where our attention and intention goes, our energy flows.   If we accept this as a statement of truth, our thoughts will be filled with gratitude,  attracting our good.   We will say yes to life and send forth welcoming energy. We will see all experiences as opportunities to become aware of who […]

Three Qualities and Questions

There are three qualities one must possess to live fulfilled.  They are: (1)  find a definiteness of purpose, (2) see the unseen seen, and  (3) have a burning desire to possess it. Now, there are three questions to be answered, (1) what do you really want, (2) can you see and feel it, and (3) […]

The rest of your story…..

Question,  who would you be if your thoughts were only authentic, if you saw only right and pure, and acted only loving and admirable?  The answer, you would be living your truth and manifesting your dreams. Question,  if you believe your thoughts are reflected in your words and stimulate your actions;  your repeated actions create […]

It has been said…..

It has been said: thoughts become things.  If true, what are we thinking? one can’t hold two thoughts at the same time.  If true, which thought are you thinking – resentment or love, jealousy or compassion? negative thoughts grow like weeds.  If true,  than which thought will we choose to feed and grow? we can […]

How will you choose?

Did you know, The best choice is made when we understand and embrace the why behind our decision. Authentic choices are made when we recognize we are in charge of how much peace, love and serenity we want in our lives. A prize-winning choice is made when we know we are responding not reacting to […]

Connect to your light

As we  connect to the light within, our perceptions change from I can’t to I can. Our light is the Divine Power, our source of all possibilities.   As we connect to this power, the things that were once seen as limitations becomes possible.   The unseen once clouded over by doubt and fear becomes clearly […]

Are we at choice?

Dr. Northrup writes the mind plays a powerful role in creating good health.  Therefore, we cannot live with ease, in good health, by ignoring our inner guidance.   That inner nudge directing us to go this way and let go of things that no longer serve our highest good. But, we are at choice, we can […]

What’s your story?

We are at choice.  We can travel through life as a hero, telling stories of courage, faith, hope and love or, travel as a victim, telling stories of defeat, impossibilities, anger and despair. Whatever situation we find ourselves in right now, however outrageous, choose to tell the story from a Victor’s not a  Victim’s point […]

The reason for change

If we believe we live on the wings of change then we believe we cannot duplicate our moments nor get into the river the same way twice. With change comes growth and with growth expansion.    As our awareness expands,  we begin to see the Divine Plan unfolding in our lives and understand the significance in […]

Do you have statements of truth?

Affirming statements of truth releases fear, anxiety and discouragements.   Is one or more of the following statements, your truth? I trust and open my heart to accept and receive my good. I release all concerns knowing all things work together for my good even the ones I question. I trust and replace conditional love with […]

Did you know…..?

Did you know? What and who you align yourself with becomes your reality and your reality becomes your experiences? The same experiences repeated over and over again becomes our habits and our habits create our lives? We cannot get wet simply by thinking or saying the word water.  We have to get wet by jumping […]


According to research, one studies  philosophy when they want to understand how and why people do certain things and how to live a good meaningful life. If true, then the original meaning of philosophy coming from the Greek roots philo meaning “love” and sophos meaning ‘wisdom’ should direct us to understand with our hearts, the […]

There is ……

There is Divine Order in all things if we patiently look and listen. As we allow ourselves to relax and let go of the outcome, we hear whispers of reassurance reminding us all things work together for good, even the ones we don’t understand.   When things appear to be in disarray, keep your eyes […]

Moment by Moment

If you want everything you need moment by moment, then: recognize your true essence and know you are more than your five senses let go and allow the song in your heart to be heard trust and believe what your heart is saying And, you will have everything you need at this very moment.  

Attitudes & Labels

Our  attitude and labels toward this or that determines how we feel about conditions and experiences.    Think of a wanted or unwanted situation and listen to the evidence gathered in your thoughts and words. A simple shift in attitude, that is turning away from the condition, changes the experience.   An experience is an experience […]

Life is…..

Life is not how we sing a song, but finding the courage to sing the song in our hearts.   It’s not about filling our lives with non-essentials, but filling our lives with meaningful specifics. Life is about uncovering our vision and purpose.   It’s about finding and accepting our authentic self, so we can help […]

How we play the game…..

How will you show up today? Will you choose to show up in life small, wishing and hoping that your dreams will come true?  Or, will you choose to show up big, live by faith and act like your dreams have come true? Choose for this day,  the only day you have to exercise your […]

Can you or Will you?

Can you sit comfortably in silence and remain silent long enough to hear the voice of God in your heart? Can you remain silent when triggered by those around you and not give away your power? For those who can, keep their power and gain a peace that surpasses all understanding, but for those who […]

A Mosaic called LIFE

Every experience enables us to create another story and complete another piece to our magnificent mosaic called life. Then, when the time is right,  we will look back at the life we created, and recognize with a thankful heart, all the people, places and things that somehow worked together for our good.

Yes it’s time….

Is it time to stop apologizing for being you and stop bullying yourself with your self-talk? Is it time to open your heart, receive your good and release past regrets? Is it time to become intimate with yourself, replace conditional love with unconditional love and accept your perfect imperfections? Is it time to stop living […]

Negative thinking……

When we find negative thinking taking us down the rabbit hole, step by step, thought by thought, deeper and deeper, change your physiology and ask: What time is it?   Now What time will it be in one hour?   Now What time will it be tomorrow or the day after?   Now When we change our physical […]

Who we are ……….

Who we are can be answered by uncovering who we are not. We are not selfish, but loving of self and others. We are not discouraged when storms comes,  but confident that the storms will pass and the rainbows will appear. We are not stuck under our circumstances, but on top of them and moving […]

Walk with nature when…..

It is said, Birds are Divine messengers, but are we listening? The ocean waves a reminder to let go and be in the flow of life, but will we let go? A palm tree yielding to the wind demonstrates the benefit of non-resistance, but do we insist on having things our way? When we need […]

Why Smile

4 Reasons to smile? A smile activates endorphins and serotonin that relaxes the body releasing stress. A smile is contagious. A smile changes our perceptions and changing our perception changes our experiences A smile is good medicine for the soul (Prov 17:22) It is said our joy can be the source of our smile or […]

What did we do?

Steve Jobs looked in the mirror every morning and asked, “If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?  30And, whenever the answer has been ‘No’ too many days in a row, I know I need to change something.” What did we do […]

Tell or Share

Do we tell or share?  The following questions shared will tell, We tell when our words direct others on what they should do or not do. We share when our words ask, ‘how is this important to you?’ We tell when we make assumptions about what others are thinking. We share when we ask others […]

Courage to change…..

We can live the same experience over and over or we can change how we see the experience and change the experience.    Without a label, an experience becomes an experience. And so we pray, God help me find the courage to experience life without judgements or labels so I can open my heart and stop […]

If you believe then______!

If I can see it, then I can do it, if I believe it there’s nothing to it, I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky (R Kelly) …..and today we experience travel to outer space and drones here on earth. What are we seeing, thinking and believing?   As we practice […]

What are we creating?

If we look only at limitations, we will see and remain in limitations physically, mentally and emotionally. Unity founder, Myrtle Fillmore writes each experience will prove encouraging if we allow it to show us how powerful the mind is.  For the body and its functions will react or respond fully to our thoughts. Thoughts create […]

In this moment……

There is a place where we stop struggling against fear and uncertainty.  A place of rest knowing all things will be alright in the end.   That place is found in this moment, the rest found in our breath. We become fearless and at peace with the unknown when we learn to live in the present.  […]

You can or You can’t?

Life is a game, name your game and choose your place. If it’s baseball, see yourself walking to home plate, you take a winner’s position.  You are ready for the pitcher’s first throw.   The pitcher throws the ball, you see yourself taking the swing, running  to first base, than second, third, you hear ‘it’s a […]

What do you believe?

What I believe, I believe in the gift of dreams and in our creative ability to see them come true. I believe no good comes from complaining. I believe we are unique expressions of God, gifted with a purpose. I believe thoughts create feelings, and feelings ignite words, and words catapult us to action. I […]

Who will we choose to feed?

If we knew the source of inner conflict, would we take action or remain in habitual reactions? If you knew there were two wolves living within your mind, both hungry, both battling for our attention, who would you feed more?    One wolf is competitive, selfish, annoyed and angry; the other kind, patient, compassionate and […]

To feel significant, I _____

A basic human need, writes Tony Robbins, is to feel significant.    But, not everyone fills this need the same way.  Some use material possessions, others job titles and places they traveled to or by their degrees. Mother Teresa understood this feeling and knew she could never fulfill it with things outside of herself.   She […]

What are you thinking?

A stone, thoughtfully or carelessly, thrown into a lake creates the same rippling effect.  And, so it is with our thoughts. James Allen a philosophical writer of As a Man Thinketh explains our minds are like a garden.   Never does the gardener have to plant a weed.  Weeds just grow and they grow quickly.   Like […]

Your choice, Your life

What is deposited in our minds and hearts yesterday becomes our today.  And,  what is deposited in our minds and hearts today becomes our tomorrow. What did we learn from yesterday?  We learned to live helpless or hopeful in every situation. What can we choose today?  We can choose to live the life we want […]

Live enlightened….

Are we living enlightened? When enlightened, we break the silence is golden rule and speak words of kindness everywhere and to everyone. When enlightened, we look and see the beauty that surrounds us. When enlightened, we live authentically and not imitate the lives of others. Live enlightened and find the missing peace you are looking […]

Imagine that……

Are we building our future through the eyes of our imagination or through the eyes of our humanness?   In our imagination, possibilities are seen.  In our humanness we see challenges. Ignoring the criticism of others, Jobs imagined the I-pad and acted.   Today, we hold in our hands what was first  created in his imagination. […]

Know your teachers……

Who are our teachers? They are the people, places and things that pull our triggers. They are the disappointments and hurts that are felt over and over again. If I am walking with two men, each of them will serve as my teacher. I will pick out the good points of one and imitate them […]

Choose this day….

There is no day but today.   How we begin our day sets the stage for the rest of our day. If we wake up thinking oh God another day, the day begins hard and tedious. If we wake up thinking thank God for another day, the day begins brighter, filled with positive expectation. Remember, Some […]

Time keeps on ticking……

Time keeps slipping away as we  attempt to turn back its hands.    Time keeps on ticking as we are coulding, shoulding, wishing and hoping.    Remember, if we knew then what we know now, we would have. Stay in the present knowing today’s present becomes tomorrow’s yesterday.   We become what we think, say, and act […]

Life is…….

What is life? Life for me is about the choices I make and the meaning I put behind them.    It is not about the rain, but the song I choose to sing and the dance I decide to dance in the rain.    Life for me is looking for and finding that pony in the  pile […]

Is it a dream or a wish?

Do we have a dream or are we just wishing? If we allow naysayers to determine if our dreams can be accomplished, we are only wishing. If we easily change our minds about our dreams, we are only wishing. If we look at our dreams through current situations, we are only wishing. If our dreams […]


To those who think before they speak, remain silent and not react, will be thought to be powerful and wise. And, to those who react and speak before thinking, will be thought just the opposite.   For they do not understand the Golden Rule that is some things are just better left unsaid.  

Are we too busy?

Some keep busy because they are uncomfortable with the space between the notes of just being.   Are we? Listen and find the answer: When we hear ourselves responding I’m so busy when asked, “How are you?” When we hear ourselves running through our laundry list when asked, “Can we meet for lunch?” When we hear […]

Know what you’re thinking…..

If you want to know what you’re thinking, meditate. Meditation brings out the stuff we carry in our thoughts and feelings Meditation gives us the opportunity to place our cares on a cloud and let them go. Meditation allows us the time to put down our baggage, drop our shoulders long enough to experience peace […]

How to live a happy life……

Three ways to live a happy life:  Decide to  Decide to  Decide to We are at choice.   When we decide to live a happy life we find things to smile at, identify people, places and things to be grateful for, release toxic thoughts about yesterday, affirm our truth and experience our full potential. Today, I […]

Living your dream……

In 1953, three neighborhood vocalist known as The Harptones came together to live their dream and sang …. Life is but a dream it’s what you make it…..They proved life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it. Like the clouds that cover the sun, but can’t stop the sun […]

What are we intending….

Did you know that  71% of people who get up and make their bed are happier, exercise regularly and feel well rested. I  wondered why until I read that Poet Robert Frost made his bed and when he did, he also made up his mind to have a good day.   Life can be as simple […]

Our we intending….

Did you know that  71% of people who get up and make their bed are happier, exercise regularly and feel well rested. I  wondered why until I read that Poet Robert Frost made his bed and when he did, he also made up his mind to have a good day.   Life can be as simple […]


Imagine this.   If the Wright Brothers did not dream, we would not have the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. When your heart is in your dream, no dream is too extreme.   Steve Jobs knew that and today we have the PC. When we are in touch with our inner child,  dreams come true.  Walt Disney knew that […]

Are we playing our song……

If we no longer hear the same music as our companions, perhaps it is because we are open to hearing the drummer in our hearts.   When we play our music we live authentically and live our highest potential. When we live our authentic selves, we say NO instead of YES when our boundaries are crossed.   […]

Believe and ….

Let’s go to the movies and see miracles happen. Miracle on 34th Street,  young Susan suddenly saw her miracle when she kept repeating ‘I believe, I believe.’ Big Miracle three whales trapped under frozen ice are within days of their demise.  The news was reported and the world came together believing there is a way.  […]

Believe and ….

Let’s go to the movies and see miracles happen. Miracle on 34th Street,  young Susan suddenly saw her miracle when she kept repeating ‘I believe, I believe.’ Big Miracle three whales trapped under frozen ice are within days of their demise.  The news was reported and the world came together believing there is a way.  […]

Oops, I did it again….

We will have moments of Oops. Moments when we gave away our power of choice to another or underestimated our own ability.  The oops  moments when we forget to let go of yesterday and bring yesterday’s hurts and disappointment into our today.  Or, those moments when we forgot to look inside instead of out there […]

We love because……

Why love?  We love because LOVE increases understanding heals a broken heart makes sad eyes smile forgives lets go of guilt and blame receives graciously manifests abundance We don’t love because ????

Change happens…..

Change creates uncertainty, but change can also open doors of new possibilities.   We change jobs and meet the person of our dreams, transition to another state and find amazing friends. As a plant grows in the direction of the sun, it does not question the essence of the sun’s being, it just receives its […]

Look and ……

Look and see the worst behind you. Look and accept new experiences before you. Look and recognize the sunrise as proof of new beginnings. Look and embrace the you that is now and the you that is becoming. Look and know without the stormy rains, there would be no rainbows. Look and behold the rainbow […]

Enlightened and at Rest

How do we know we are living enlightened? When the roles we choose to play no longer feel right When the beliefs we once held in our hearts no longer serve our highest goods When our thoughts, words and action no longer align with the truth of who we are When we are present and […]

Choose the path…..

Why live with a grateful heart? When we live with a grateful heart, We increase in understanding and become more accepting of ourselves and others We take time to self-care,  walk with nature and accept its calm and peace We love without conditions We learn to appreciate our uniqueness and those of others We are […]

The quality of life is……

What adds to the quality of our lives?  Is it what we inherit like the color of our hair or the shape of our face?  Is it what we can buy like the car we drive or the home we live in? What adds to the quality of our lives is simple: help others show […]

Facts, did you know?

It has been researched and shared time and time again that: With a vision, a destination, you will always find a way. With a vision, the bumps and detours experienced won’t stop you. With a destination, the intense fog and fierce storms of life won’t stop you. Without a vision we are stopped and tossed […]

In our stillness……

Do we have busy behavior?   Do we run here, there and everywhere, arrange and rearrange our schedules to accommodate this one and that one?   And, in the busyness of doing for others, do we forget to take time for ourselves? In our stillness we go beyond the act of doing.   It is in […]

The language of love, do you know yours?

In the book 5 Love Languages author Gary Chapman outlines the unique areas people need  love.   He notes: Some need to hear love in words Some need to feel love in a hug or a gentle touch Some need to see love in the form of a gift, a note or flowers Some need to […]

Within is the light…..

Our greatest opportunity is to connect with the Greater One who lives within us.   Ralph Waldo Emerson reminds us from within a light shines through us and that light is all there is. When we remain connected to that light what is now invisible becomes visible. In the deepest part of your heart declare – […]

If it comes out perfect……

If what we desire comes out perfect, what would it look and feel like?   What would we hear when we think of our desire? What if we used our imagination to see our desire, would it be perfect?   Would we take the time to consider and explore it, be open to knowing the truth behind […]

What is…….

What idea inspired you this morning? The key to keeping ourselves motivated is to recognizing what motivates us in the first place.   Then and only then, can we take the first step believing and trusting what we conceived as an idea, can and will be achieved.

Listen and hear…..

See the mind as a wonderful instrument needing fine tuning from time to time. And, when we do, we will move beyond the illusion of what is playing off-key, to playing in tune with the mind of God.   Listen and hear.

Carefully choose your labels…..

We can believe in the life we’re dealt or deal the life we believe.   We choose the labels for our experiences  then, we build a life around them. Man is his own star, Emerson writes and the labels we place on ourselves influence our fate.   Choose your labels carefully and as you choose, so you […]

What comes after your I AM?

If asked, “Who are you”, what would you say?  Aristotle writes knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom. When we know the authentic self,  we live with an open heart.    When we live with an open heart we live from the inside out with love and no judgment.   When we choose to live from […]

Peace, Hope and the Human Touch

Overwhelmed, pause, take a deep breathe and re-focus on, Peace, it is our natural state of being.  Proverbs reminds us to keep tranquillity in our minds and hearts. When we are jealous and envious, we live oppressed and subject our bodies to dis-ease. Research proves negative thoughts send stress hormones to the body affecting bone, […]

Choose, Fear or Faith

Everyone experiences fear at one time or another.  Some fears are necessary reminders such as look both ways when crossing the street,  but not when they hold us in captivity. Recognizing fear and stepping out of its shadows into the light of faith is not a luxury, it is a necessity.   Deciding to walk by […]

We are the champions……

If you think champions are made at gyms, think again. Champions decide to be champions.   They believe and feel they can and they do.   Champions think and act from the heart not from the mind.  They speak championship, refuse to hear or speak words of doubt and fear. Champions are possibility thinkers and never give […]

Do you know your truth?

It is said, the monsters in our lives are the massive thoughts and limitations we have accepted as our truth. When we look from the heart and not from our surroundings, limitations become stepping-stones and love becomes our truth.     It is when we live from the truth that we are love,  miracles manifest and limited […]

What will you choose?

How we choose to see ourselves matters.    It matters in our careers, self-image, relationships, finances and more. Not where you want to be, use the power of imagination to get there.   The term imagination comes from a Latin verb imaginari meaning to picture oneself.   When we choose to awaken the power of imagination we see […]

Life is……

The meaning of life is different for everyone, except for one thing.    Life is not meant for us to live afraid of trying and trying again and again. When we try we don’t wait for everything to be perfect, we spread our wings in faith and courageously move forward. Life is not about the […]

Ready for the next class?

Life is a classroom and we choose the classes needed for each day. Filled with appreciation?  Check the blackboard in your heart, you received an A, well done. Filled with disappointment?  Check the blackboard in your heart and sign up for classes on Self-Forgiveness and Forgiving Others. Filled with anger?  Check the blackboard in your […]

Trust is…..

What is trust? For me, trust is believing it’s possible when everything says it’s not.   It’s an inner knowing that somewhere behind the dark stormy clouds is a rainbow.  It’s an assurance, that in the next moment, I can begin again. It is said,  life may be filled with weeds but we can trust […]

What movie should we see?

Let’s go to the movies. We choose to see a scary movie expecting to be afraid and we do. We choose a comedy expecting to laugh and we do. But, what are we expecting when we look at the movies in our minds?   Everyday we have the opportunity to replay or recreate our movie called […]

Say it now…..

It is said,  we cannot do a kindness too soon for we never know how soon it will be too late.    We are given the gift of 1440 minutes each day.   Don’t use up your time wishing you had more of it to spend with the ones you care about, do it now. Today, find […]

Ready for peace?

Have you ever noticed the same emotions we carry to bed at night are the same emotions we wake up to in the morning? When we decide to make peace with our past, the emotions carried day to day, week to week, person to person, place to place lighten.   When we choose to let go […]

What will you choose today?

It is said we have a choice, to think on what is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent and praiseworthy or think on who and what hurt us, who we resent, are jealous of,  and more. When we remain focused on the good things in our life,  we draw more of the good things […]

A new day…….

There will be times when the events of our lives just don’t make sense and we  begin questioning why.   When we find ourselves slipping in and out of faith, pause but don’t give up. Life is a journey filled with hills and valleys, ups and downs.   Decide to keep moving forward no matter what.   In […]

In the present moment…..

In the movie The Way of the Peaceful Warrior, Socrates asks the young athlete three questions.   They are: Where are you? What time is it? What are you? Your responses will reveal what moment you unconsciously live in most of the time – past, present and future.    If we are consciously living in the present, […]

How will we play our part?

It is written the world is a stage and we are the performers. Embracing his performance with excellence, Arthur Ashe became the first African-American man to be ranked as the #1 tennis player in the world.   He believed in starting where you are and getting to the stage in life where going for it […]

The message of a beating heart….

Life begins with a heart beat. When we look for the love between the beats, we find people, places and things less annoying. When we listen to our heart beat, we recognize the sound of love for ourselves and others. When we feel the beating of our heart, we know the tasks at hand will […]

Be the difference…..

What difference did we make in someone’s life yesterday and what is the difference we plan on making in someone’s life today? We may never be known to the world, but our acts of kindness and the difference we make in the lives of others will be.    Decide, who will be that someone who remembers […]

Your hero….

When we find ourselves overwhelmed, stuck in fear, unable to more forward, stop and look inside. There’s a hero if you  look inside your heart…..there you will find strength to carry on and courage to cast your fear aside…..(Hero, Mariah Carey) As we embrace the hero within we find we can take the next step, […]

Why smile?

We have heard a smile is worth a thousand words.  If true, how many words did we say yesterday and how many will we say today? Smiling is:  A universal language that reduce stress in ourselves first then in others. An inner language of the heart not the head. An unspoken language that says you […]

Life is but a choice…..

Life is about choices.   We choose the time to leave for our appointments.   We choose what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner.   We choose what to wear, who to call, etc. We choose to label what’s very important, somewhat important or not so important.   We choose to be happy today or unhappy and choose […]

Want to change? Then let go……

People will not change because we are holding feelings of resentment, anger, disappointments, and the like.  What will change is us and can be seen physically and felt emotionally. Researchers report forgiving someone for a transgression is less stressful to the body than holding a grudge. Whereas holding onto bitterness affects the healing rates of […]

What’s your mirror telling?

Why mirror practice? Mirror practice opens the heart and soul. Mirror practice exposes fear filled thoughts and feelings. Mirror practice reveals hurts so one can forgive. Mirror practice sets the soul free. The more we practice, the more we hear.  The more we hear the more we understand.  The more we understand the more we […]

Living life…….

Are we living our life paying attention, denying or resisting the changes that surround us? Ignoring or resisting change does not make change go away.   Ignoring change is like an ostrich putting its head in the ground hoping not to be found.  Resisting change is like jumping off a cliff attempting to fight the direction […]

What’s love?

Today is a special day to express  love to yourself first, then to others.   It is a day to express ourselves from the inside out. Today is a day to celebrate Agape Love.   A love that’s patient to the intolerable and kind to the undeserving.  Agape Love transcends the physical and comes from the […]

Life is…….

What’s life about anyway? Life is about choices.   Choosing to move toward the giants and challenges in our lives  not running from them. Life is about living by faith and trust not fear and doubt. Life is about living in the moment not in the past or future.   Now is the right time to do […]


Did you know? The limitations we place on ourselves are the ones we accept as our truth. If we don’t know what we want, how will we know when it comes knocking at your door? And, so the story goes, a farmer not familiar with the rough stones on his property deemed them and his […]

Guess Who’s Driving…..

Who’s driving your thoughts, Ego or Spirit? An ego driver pushes us to perform and go faster, sees everyone as competition and pushes others off the road.  The ego driver has an unquenchable desire to be better than everyone else driving us to exhaustion, frustration and at times isolation. A Spirit driver sees us doing […]

Just because…..

Just because our lives have taken us to this place, does not mean its the wrong place. If we live believing in coincidences we will wonder what went wrong. If we live believing there are no coincidences, we acknowledge where we are is where we’re suppose to be, and look for possibilities. When we see […]

Our natural inclination…..

If you ever felt unappreciated, you will find the following information interesting. By nature our propensity is to be helpful, it’s in our DNA. Dr. Tomasello, a developmental psychologist, concludes that helping is a natural inclination and not something imposed.  To avoid feeling unappreciated, examine the WHY behind helping others.   When we examine our why, […]

In this moment….

It is crucial to our health to expect good and live harmonious with others. Studies prove living day after day stressed, angry and worried plays havoc on our well-being.   Recognizing the power and presence of God within allows stressed shoulders to drop, tense muscles to be released and peace filled harmony to return. When we […]

Inside out living…..

We live in a world that encourages us to be in our heads, constantly thinking and doing.   We multitask most of our day, walking and talking on our cell phones, eating and thinking of our to do list. When we live mindful, we live from the heart and not from the head.  We take time […]

Your gifts….

The highest gift you can give yourself is to acknowledge and love who you are. The greatest gift you can give yourself is to celebrate and love who you are becoming. The best gift you can give yourself is to live love from the inside out. Which gift or gifts will you choose for today?

Exactly what does that mean…….

If we could have exactly what we wanted, what would exactly look like? If we held exactly in our hands, what would exactly feel like? We say we just want to be happy, but what does happy exactly mean? We say we want to be free from regrets, yet we refuse to forgive or let […]

Did you know?

Attitude, good and not so good, affects us. We act out our attitude. We speak out our attitude.  We become our attitude.   It is our internal barometer that measures our thoughts, words and action. The attitude we have toward life, ourselves and others are the little things that make up the big differences in our […]

Agree then proceed……

Living in Agreement with your Higher Self still holds true today. Agreement 1 – Be impeccable with your words, say only what you mean.    Words have power to create, destroy, empower, imprison or set us free.  Listen to your thoughts for out of the heart the mouth speaks. Agreement 2 – Don’t take anything personally. […]

And the day came to set ourselves free……

When we are ready, we will decide: To end the battle in our mind and recognize the conflicts. To cease accepting a life of mediocrity and discern what has been holding us back. To choose our thoughts and not be influenced by the world outside. Interesting and true –  Some build fences to keep others […]

Are we consumed or concerned…..

Are we living life concerned or consumed?   Living concerned about an unwanted event is a natural feeling.  Living consumed is living in fear 24/7. When we are consumed with a challenge we are living only by our five senses.     We forget to tap into the power within and lose sight of the shore.  Living […]

Teach and learn…..

Everyday, we teach and learn from our thoughts, words and actions. With our words, we teach our faith. With our thoughts, we learn to let go of anger. With our actions,  we uncover what is yet to be learned. We are the author, the teacher, the director, the learner and producer of our lives.   What […]

Intention sets the path……

Without intending an outcome for today, we continue looking at the disappointments of yesterday and miss the truth for our today.   Without intention, we focus on yesterday’s ouches and can’t leave the past behind. Intention is our GPS, our inner guiding light, a flame directing our thoughts, words and actions.   Today is your day, how […]

Faith not Fear

We emerge from our human limitation when we connect with our inner power in prayer and meditation. To live our truth, we have to believe we are spirit beings having a  human experience. Get this, and you will live your faith and not your fear.