Just DO It!

I am often reminded by inspirational writers such as William A Ward, to stop thinking and talking about _____________ and JUST DO IT! Do more than get angry, create like MADD organizer Candy Lightner. Do more than care, help like Mother Teresa. Do more than believe, practice like Martin L King. Do more than forgive, […]

From Ordinary to Extraordinary

When we are ready to give up living the ordinary, no longer think and say YEAH BUT, then we will: stop playing small honor our boundaries cease from living yesterday’s experiences detach from our attachments give up blame and judgment live from the heart trust our God-given intuition AND live the extraordinary.

Where are we going?

Let’s look at where we are going?   Oh, that question assumes we know where we are going right?  So do we, you and I,  know where we are going? A footprint is created by taking one step, a scarf with one stitch at a time and,  a life is created with a single vision. Don’t know where […]


Vincent van Gogh a famous painter among influential figures in the history of Western art reminds us to paint our dreams, not just dream our dreams.

Mapping it’s worth it!

Mapping our experiences is important for 3 reasons: It helps us see where we’ve been It helps us decide if we want to experience this or that again and, It helps us choose a different path Socrates reminds us an unexamined life is not worth much.   Take time to map out your experiences.  You […]

Faith is…..

Faith for me is: Recognizing an experience or event for what it is and not ask why. Believing in my hopes and dreams even when there is no evidence. Suspending my judgments. Believing that in everything there is a purpose even when I don’t understand. Accepting life is for me. Knowing that something bigger than […]

The Inner Screaming Child……

Did you know, we will implode or explode if we continue to ignore the need for self-compassion and love? So the next time we are feeling frustrated, annoyed with ourselves and everyone, PAUSE and take a time-out break.   If not, and we continue to ignore the need for self-care,  the screaming child within will keep […]

Do we want to go, North?

Where will the North Star take us?  North, but what if that’s not where we want to go? Arthur Stephen Covey reminds us to start with the end in mind.   Many will rise and shine day after day,  same routine, same thoughts, words, actions continually following the North Star and wondering why nothing is changing.  […]

Do we know our truth?

Every moment is a moment we have to express our truth.  Every word we choose is a declaration about our beliefs.  Every action we decide to take is a manifestation about our truth. Want to know the essence of you?  Listen.