Will you be ready?

We know beyond a doubt that change and transitions happen.  And, they happen in our: Careers – One day we are looking for a job, the next contemplating leaving a job. Finances – One day we have unlimited funds, the next we doubt we will have enough. Education – One day we have all that is required, […]

Follow the Leader OR not?

A famous French naturalist, Jean-Henri Fabre, conducted an experiment with Processionary caterpillars.  He placed the caterpillars in a single file around the rim of a flowerpot with food in the middle inches away.  And, as their name implies, the procession of caterpillars began and instinctively they followed the caterpillar in front.   All the caterpillars went […]

Listen carefully

There are two voices speaking to us every day – one is coming from the heart, the other from the head.  Be mindful and listen carefully because the one we choose to hear will determine how we live our day.


What does being grateful mean to you? For me, it is:  Having a sense of humility and patience for myself and others.  Counting my blessings the moment I wake up, naming each one throughout the day.  Being content with my best and not competing with the best in others.  Showing myself and others kindness when […]

Why is that?

Unlike other cultures, Western culture does not take time-out breaks often enough to rest the mind and body and seldom take leisurely walks. Now, why is that? A man and woman nearing their last days were asked if they could, what would they do differently in their lives? And, without missing a single breathe they […]

Did you know?

Did you know research studies show morning prayer and meditation improves brain function, decreases stress and increases health? This daily practice opens the heart and mind to receive new ideas and guidance for the right decisions.    Without such a practice, we, you and I, will begin the day with yesterday’s thoughts, words, and action. […]