Change and transitions can be devastating AND, inevitable.  Life events show up, wanted or not, in the form of an employment change, the death of a loved one, the end of a marriage, financial loss, a relocation, a disability, retirement and more.  Some will be ready, others will not.

Next Step New Start, Inc.,  is a non-profit organization offering training programs in workforce readiness,  life skills and coping strategies that resolve and restore balance during and after a conflicted, stressful change or transition.

Programs are flexible and available on a 1:1 basis, in a lunch and learn company setting, for community groups and can be delivered virtually or on-site.

Josette Veltri 


Change and transitions can be devastating but are inevitable.  Life events show up, wanted or not, in the form of unresolved conflicts, illness, an addiction, loss of employment, the death of a loved, a divorce, financial loss, relocation, disability, graduation, retirement and more.  Few are ready, many are not.

As a Change and Transition Coach, I work with clients helping them integrate coping strategies and life skills before, during or after a demanding life-changing event occurs. My process is simple and the takeaways many. Stress and conflict are created by outside changes that are not within our control. What is in our control is how we transition into these outside changes.   If you are interested in learning how to manage stress and resolve conflicts often created by a change and/or transitions, please contact me for a complimentary 20-minute phone consultation.   Learning how to re-establish and balance one’s life after an unwanted event is key to moving forward successfully.

As a Certified Practitioner in NLP – Neuro-linguistic Programing, MBTI (Myers Briggs), PHR (Professional in Human Resource), Recovery Coach, Grief Counselor, Color Code Interpersonal Skills Trainer,  Area Aging for the Aging & Disabilities Powerful Tools for Caregiver Leader, Reiki  Consultant,  MMT – Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, College Mentor, Chaplain, Published Author, Florida Notary, County, Family and Elder Care Mediator, I incorporate all my training to enrich and empower the lives of others.

I am an active board member, volunteer and member of numerous professional organizations including but the Vocational Rehabilitation Center of Boca Raton, Florida the Special Needs Advisory Coalition, Boynton Beach, Florida, Area Agency for the Aging, Trustbridge and South Florida Mediation Association.

For over 10 years my passion has been to help others turn I CAN’T beliefs to I CAN  one step at a time.

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Wallace F. Dale


A former Princeton Consultant, Strategist for Prudential Insurance, representative to State Farm’s Think Tank, Economic Development Foundation and VP Coral Springs Museum of Art.  As an active member of The Sovereign Order of St. John, Wally is committed to the spirit of giving back to the community.   He is proud of his successful efforts to feeding, educating and housing those in need.

Wally offers a strong financial background and a solid collaborative team philosophy.   He believes we are all one and without each other, we stand alone.