We’re thrilled to announce a brand new program from Next Step New Start: our Fundamental Life Skills Program.

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Transition and change happen. They come with or without notice and, they affect many areas of our lives. This self-led program aims to assist you to develop life skills and ‘how-to’ coping strategies so you can create a plan to successfully live with a purpose.

Change and transition are inevitable. Will you be ready?

Through a series of 6 workbooks, you will learn the necessary skills, mindsets, and knowledge that you will need to navigate times of change. These workbooks cover 6 key areas of life:

  • Careers 
  • Education 
  • Finances 
  • Emotions 
  • Spirituality 
  • Self-Image

You can order the complete program now on Amazon as an e-book or a print edition.

The program can be used as a self-study guide, in a 1:1 session, or in a group setting facilitated by a transition coach.

For additional program information, please email josette@nextstepnewstart.com.