Can you and I agree with Dr. Bruce Lipton, the world as we know, is changing right before our eyes?  And, if we looked carefully would we see and agree that Mother Nature is using COVID-19 to heal the planet?

The world as we know it will never be the same.  New beliefs, new systems, new ideas, new blueprints, new awareness, higher states of consciousness is being created right before our eyes.  Old things are passing away and all things become new.   BUT, are we willing to give up the old and begin again?

Today, the virus has given us the opportunity to change how we choose to live.  It has given you and me a chance to write a new story.  A story that tells how we took personal responsibility for the earth, ourselves, and others in a gentler manner.   A story of how the human race transitioned to unity and hope in the face of change.



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