Now, more than ever before is the need to manage emotions that are filled with guilt, anger, regret, disappointment, and sadness.   Now, more than ever before is the need to reduce personal stresses and find a way to self-care. Today, it is imperative for our well-being and survival to incorporate daily self-care behaviors such as […]


In today’s fast-paced world, the chances of experiencing overwhelm doubles. So how do we consciously protect ourselves from losing it? BE AWARE of your self-talk.   That constant chatter that goes on in our minds as we go from task to task to task.   Take a mental break and breathe in and out for 4 counts. […]

Do you have such a friend?

Having friends you can talk to in time of need is important BUT more important for me is having praying friends who reassure you God’s Got This – whatever this is.  Friends who stand in the gap offering hope when you feel hopeless and encourage your faith when you feel faithless.