We know beyond a doubt that change and transitions happen.  And, they happen in our:

Careers – One day we are looking for a job, the next contemplating leaving a job.

Finances – One day we have unlimited funds, the next we doubt we will have enough.

Education – One day we have all that is required, the next we find more is needed.

Self-Image – One day we can accomplish everything, the next we feel we are not enough to accomplish anything.

Emotion – One day up, one day down, other days we are going round and round.

In his publication on managing transitions, William Bridges writes it’s not change that does you in — it’s the transition.  Change is the external situation, the transition is the internal emotional process we go through to come to terms with what has changed.

So what will be your saving grace when change and transitions come knocking on your door?   Having a toolbox filled with coping skills, a mindful attitude, a solid spiritual practice and an understanding of how, what, when, and where to use them.


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