A famous French naturalist, Jean-Henri Fabre, conducted an experiment with Processionary caterpillars.  He placed the caterpillars in a single file around the rim of a flowerpot with food in the middle inches away.  And, as their name implies, the procession of caterpillars began and instinctively they followed the caterpillar in front.   All the caterpillars went round and round hour after hour, day after day, night after night each thinking the caterpillar in front of them was heading toward the food.  However, after 7 days Fabre began noticing the caterpillars dying off one by one from hunger and exhaustion even though the food was inches away.

I find this story amazing and the question asked always the same.   Are we, you and I, going to follow the lead of ‘it is and has always been this way’ thinking, saying and doing OR are we willing to step out of the status quo to experience the wonder of 

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