What does being grateful mean to you?

For me, it is:

  1.  Having a sense of humility and patience for myself and others.
  2.  Counting my blessings the moment I wake up, naming each one throughout the day.
  3.  Being content with my best and not competing with the best in others.
  4.  Showing myself and others kindness when errors are noticed so the mind’s Default Mode Network (inner critics) can be retrained.
  5.  Having a choice to see the glass as half full and not half empty.
  6.  Seizing the opportunities to open my heart, forgive and let go, preventing dis-ease.
  7.  Complimenting me, myself and others when a task (small or large) is completed.
  8.  For my trusted friends with whom I share my thoughts, feelings and dark chocolate.
  9.  Past experiences for without them, I would not be where I am at this moment.
  10.  For you the reader.


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