A Question

Most could pick up a 1 or 2-pound weight of anything.  BUT, what if we were asked to hold that 1 or 2 pound anything for a few hours or 1 day or 2 weeks or even years, could we?  A better question is why would we? Life offers us many experiences that weigh us […]

Practice and See

There are many reasons to practice being in the present moment. The following are only three: 1. When we practice being in the moment, we are giving and receiving self-care, compassion and self love. 2. When we practice being present, we seek to understand, resolve conflicts and avoid new ones. 3. When we practice being […]

What to do?

When unsure of taking the next steps or choosing a direction, the question that often comes up in our inner being is, “What do I do?” And, when we ask ourselves what do I do, we are assuming we know the answer.  RIGHT?.  Well in fact we do.  It’s called our God given intuition.  The […]

How to avoid OVERWHELM

The word ‘OVERWHELM’ is a term we are hearing more now than ever before.  It is a term that describes a feeling of being buried under a huge amount of _____(you can fill in the blank).    We, you and I, will experience the feeling of being overwhelmed at some or many points of our […]