What is Emotional Intelligence (EQ)?  It is ones ability to be aware of, in control of and able to express themselves without anger or frustration.

Why  is EQ so important for our personal and professional growth?   The following 5 reasons tells us why:

  1.  EQ = self-awareness = our ability to understand the impact we have on ourselves and others.
  2.  EQ = self-regulation = our ability to manage our words and actions.
  3.  EQ = self-motivation = our ability to remain optimistic and committed in difficult times.
  4.  EQ = social awareness = our ability to build rapport and lead during conflict.
  5.  EQ = empathy = our ability to see from another’s perspective without judgment.

According to success.com individuals with a high levels of EQ are open minded, empathetic, unafraid to change, authentic and willing to explore possibilities.   Ready to find your score?  Then click the link below;









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