Are you in the game?

You and I were born to win.  However, many do not believe this statement and show up to play the game of life half-hearted and even defeated. When basketball players are on the court, they are not questioning the challenging height of the hoop or focusing on their opposition.  They are in it to win,  […]


There seems to be less and less of what we can control.   And, this one thing we can be assured of is people forget what we say but always remember how we made them feel. So, how do you want to be remembered?  Is it for the time you listened to someone who was hurting […]

Ever Wonder

Have you ever wondered how it’s possible to feel your heart beat and forget to be grateful for your health?  Or, to sit down to a hot breakfast on a cold rainy morning after getting out of a warm bed and forget to give thanks? How is this possible to have so much yet forget […]

A Rose

God must have known love would hurt at times.  He must have known people would experience hurtful memories then try to forget and forgive. Perhaps that’s why there are thorns on a rose.  A reminder that love is bittersweet and never dies.

How curious are we?

So how curious are we? It is curiosity that keep stretching the minds of scientists and today we have traveled to Mars. It is curiosity that leads medical professionals to uncover and continue to uncover cures for dis-ease. It is curiosity that leads businessmen like Elon Musk to discover cars that do not run on […]

We believe?

What do we believe? Do we believe life is more than roadblocks, broken dreams, heartaches? Do we believe everyone is Divinely guided and loved equally? Do we believe everyone receives what they believe, think and talk about all the time? If you never asked yourself a question or did and blew off the answer, today […]

Just DO It!

I am often reminded by inspirational writers such as William A Ward, to stop thinking and talking about _____________ and JUST DO IT! Do more than get angry, create like MADD organizer Candy Lightner. Do more than care, help like Mother Teresa. Do more than believe, practice like Martin L King. Do more than forgive, […]

From Ordinary to Extraordinary

When we are ready to give up living the ordinary, no longer think and say YEAH BUT, then we will: stop playing small honor our boundaries cease from living yesterday’s experiences detach from our attachments give up blame and judgment live from the heart trust our God-given intuition AND live the extraordinary.

Where are we going?

Let’s look at where we are going?   Oh, that question assumes we know where we are going right?  So do we, you and I,  know where we are going? A footprint is created by taking one step, a scarf with one stitch at a time and,  a life is created with a single vision. Don’t know where […]


Vincent van Gogh a famous painter among influential figures in the history of Western art reminds us to paint our dreams, not just dream our dreams.