The demands of life will cause us to disconnect.  And, when we do we find ourselves saying and doing the unordinary. Therefore, it is important we, you and I, proactively check in throughout the day to re-integrate, re-connect the emotional mind and spirit.

The world of duality……it’s real

Yes, this world is a world of duality.   A world of ups and downs, hot and cold, right side, left side and yes, negative and positive thoughts.  It’s part of the human experience but does not have to be part of our human condition. And, so the following story is told by a grandfather to his […]

Roads and Ruts

Henry David Thoreau a poet and philosopher writes a single footstep cannot make a path on earth and so a single thought will not make a pathway in the mind. He goes on to say to create a deep physical path, we have to walk again and again over the same path.  And, to make […]

Stepping out in truth

With every step we take, we are moving from this to that. With every step we take, we let go of something or someone to grab hold of something or someone new. With every step we take into the light, we take a step away from the darkness. Something to think about.  

Say What?

If or when we hear ourselves say, “You made me feel _____,”   STOP and remember this, no person, place or thing can make us, you or me,  feel good or bad, loved or unloved, accepted or unaccepted, angry or peaceful unless we give our power to self-love, self-compassion and self–acceptance over to them.  Maya Angelou […]

Living Extraordinary

You and  I cannot live extraordinary in the comfort zone because it would be impossible for us to heal or grow.   Motivational Guru, Tony Robbins, believes our lives are not shaped by our conditions but rather by our decisions.    Today is another opportunity for us to step out of the ordinary zone and decide to step […]

Who and what’s in your story-line?

We know everyone has a story; but, do we know what and who makes up our stories? Yes, certainly, our beliefs and perceptions but, did you know who and what we connected to yesterday or who and what we connect to today and how we connect them all into our tomorrows matters more? Booker T. Washington, […]