The Holiday Season seems to bring out bittersweet feelings for many.  The loss of a loved one, the loss of employment, a lost relationship,  social status and more, are remembered.    If you are among the many, think about comparing your life to a ship afloat at sea.   As the storms come and heavy rains fall on the external structure of the ship, the ship is secure until the water pierces the hull.   And so it is with you.

We cannot control the storms of life that will come, but we can find a way to secure our hearts.    You and I were not meant to experience sadness 24/7 without experiencing the effects on our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.  As we learn to embrace the difficult times by acknowledging the pain, we protect our hearts.  As we learn to compassionate ourselves by taking a nature walk, napping or calling a friend, we return to a place of peace.

This Thanksgiving and for the rest of the Holiday Season, when you find yourself overwhelmed with multiple things to do, pause and take a moment to be grateful for something – the beating of your heart, a place to live, the ability to move your finger, etc. –  for then, you will bring yourself back to joy.

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