Perceptions = interpretations = actions, check in and choose.

  • Are we seeing everyone and everything as a threat?   Then we will react with mistrust.   But, if we see good in everything and in everyone, we respond with love.
  • Are we seeing only through our humanness?   If yes, then we will only find human weaknesses.  But, if we see through our spiritual eyes, we see perfect imperfections in everyone including ourselves.

When we check in, we stop long enough to process our perceptions.  This process is similar to driving a car, hitting a pot hole and knocking the tires out of alignment.  When we check in, we re-align the mind, body, and spirit back to peace.

Everyday, you get to choose from the menu called  ‘your life’.  We can change what is causing us to react negatively and be out of alignment with peace or remain in the effects of our misperceptions.   And, as we choose, so it will be.


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