A story to think about

A story to think about.  Two frineds on their daily walk, slipped off the mountain side.   Both gripped with fear, held onto the cliff’s edge and began praying , “God please send someone to save us.”   Shortly after praying,  someone came along, reached down and shouted,  “Let go of the edge and grab my […]

It’s a New Year….now what?

It’s January, the beginning of a New Year, so what changed?   If you find the only thing that changed is your calendar,  then you decided to hold onto the old, not let go of _________and not create space for the new ________. Living an extraordinary life is a decision.  If we are not living extraordinary, […]

Let go of the HOW

One way to allow your hopes and dreams to come true is to let go of the HOW. Pilots flying from FL to NY or NJ to LA know, pending no unforeseen situations, will safely arrive at their planned destination.    They take off believing the route selected is the best for now, but they […]