This __ without that ___ cannot be

Can we ever find a solution without having a problem or experience the beauty of a butterfly without the transformation of a caterpillar?   So why when we look for new beginnings, are we surprised when challenges and transformations present themselves? Think about this, can we ever experience the richness of life or fly free as […]

Want to change? Then let go……

People will not change because we are holding feelings of resentment, anger, disappointments, and the like.  What will change is us and can be seen physically and felt emotionally. Researchers report forgiving someone for a transgression is less stressful to the body than holding a grudge. Whereas holding onto bitterness affects the healing rates of […]

Let go

A story is told of a man who slipped off a mountain while on a routine daily walk.   The man held on to the edge of cliff gripped with fear and began praying , “God please send someone to save me.” Shortly after he prayed, someone came along and reached down shouting “Let go of […]