Are we listening?

What’s in your heart, the treasure chest of stored wants and desires? Proverbs reminds us to listen and find treasures we have buried (good and not so good) behind our words.   We are told life and destruction come out of the mouth, but are we listening?    We know with words we can tear down or […]

Stories re-lived or…..

It is said we cannot re-live our history.   A statement of truth, but not a true statement.  For it is possible to re-live our history by choosing to tell a different story, Yes, life has disappointments and hurts, expect them, but don’t build your entire life story around them.   Today is a new day with […]


What are we creating with our words? Listen!   Do we hear words filled with fear, doubt, anger, limitations?  Are we consistently repeating negative reports heard from another over and over again?      Our words, silently repeated or spoken out loud, have power to create our anxiety or our peace.   For it’s not what others […]

Words = Revelation = Our Destiny

Never doubt the power your words have over your feelings, actions and ultimately your destiny. In the book, Words Can Change Your Brain, we read words like anger, hate, fear, etc., send alarming messages to the brain, partially shutting down our ability to reason and hard-wire us to worry.   Our words have power.  They can […]

For then we are bound or set free….

Are we bound by our words? We are if we say I will not forgive him, her, them, for then we are bound by the emotions of anger and hostility. We are when we  hear ourselves repeating, winning is more important than loosing, for then we are bound by an insatiable appetite to win at […]

Our words are telling……..

We draw to us what we speak about over and over again.    Listen to your words and hear your statements of truth – I am ______, I always ______, Everything is_______, Proverbs reminds us words can be used to build up ourselves and others or tear down.   They are likened to a honeycomb, sweet, beneficial, […]


To those who think before they speak, remain silent and not react, will be thought to be powerful and wise. And, to those who react and speak before thinking, will be thought just the opposite.   For they do not understand the Golden Rule that is some things are just better left unsaid.  

Living your truth….

There are many words describing what we believe, but two really matter – I CAN or I CAN’T. I CAN believers see a world filled with possibilities, support and encouragement. They understand behind every challenge is an opportunity to find a solution.  An I CAN’T believer sees a world filled ‘yeah buts’.  They are mood […]

What are we saying?

If we knew what we speak most would come to pass would we change what we said, are saying or will say? As you speak, your words become your life and your life begins to unfold before you. Look and listen.   We are reminded in Proverbs –  wholesome speech is like a tree of life […]