Can or Can’t

No one told the bumble-bee, you can’t fly your wings are too short; it’s impossible. And, so the bumble-bee flies. Starbucks was told no one will buy your coffee, the price is too high. And, Starbucks opened its first store in 1971. Today, the lines are long waiting for coffee others said no one would […]

Up or Down Our Choice….

We are reminded how and what we choose will help us grow up or grow down.   Think about yesterday’s choices – in what direction did they take you? Our identity is tied to our choices and when we make I’m afraid or they want me to choices  we limit what’s possible.  Ronald Reagan choose […]

Your good……

Did you know the good you seek is seeking you everyday? All too often, we put out an intention, a call to the universe,  then go about our day never giving it a second thought.  Now, caught up in our to-dos, we go about our day on auto-pilot  ending the day without recognizing our intention  […]

Who we are ……….

Who we are can be answered by uncovering who we are not. We are not selfish, but loving of self and others. We are not discouraged when storms comes,  but confident that the storms will pass and the rainbows will appear. We are not stuck under our circumstances, but on top of them and moving […]

Look and ……

Look and see the worst behind you. Look and accept new experiences before you. Look and recognize the sunrise as proof of new beginnings. Look and embrace the you that is now and the you that is becoming. Look and know without the stormy rains, there would be no rainbows. Look and behold the rainbow […]

In our stillness……

Do we have busy behavior?   Do we run here, there and everywhere, arrange and rearrange our schedules to accommodate this one and that one?   And, in the busyness of doing for others, do we forget to take time for ourselves? In our stillness we go beyond the act of doing.   It is in […]


Who will we connect with today, will it be the drama reported on the news or a past experience triggered by our senses? What and who we connect to becomes the story we tell and the story we tell becomes our experience.   To avoid living on auto-pilot, controlled by this or that,  live mindful, […]

The Power Within

In the book The Secret of Healing, author Jack Addington writes if we believe in any source of healing to open our minds, we receive the wholeness that is already ours. When we recognize the perfection and power that lies within we remove patterns of fear and live in Divine Wholeness.