A Universal Law

Cause and Effect – A Universal Law. We see the world that has been made, but do we see ourselves as partners in its creation?  Don’t like what we see, change the cause, the effects will change automatically. You or I cannot escape from the world’s effects without changing the cause.  If we choose not to give up […]

What were you thinking?

As rudders direct ships, our thoughts direct our actions.   Within each moment, we choose to think I can or I can’t, I will or won’t. With our thoughts, we  create heaven or hell on earth With our thoughts we attract abundance or lack. With our thoughts we embrace chaos and worry, or joy and peace. […]

Choose your experience……

Research shows we have 50,000 or more thoughts per day.  Some thoughts are temporary, they come and go, others are habitual and become deeply rooted in our hearts and minds. If we believe what we consistently think about we bring about, we will live alert and aware.  For what we continue to think about we […]


To those who think before they speak, remain silent and not react, will be thought to be powerful and wise. And, to those who react and speak before thinking, will be thought just the opposite.   For they do not understand the Golden Rule that is some things are just better left unsaid.