Think about this?

If we believed life is impermanent and every feeling a passing memory,  never to be experienced the same again, would we treat every feeling as a precious moment?  Would our actions and words be more from the heart, not the head? And, if we did live our lives in an impermanent way, wouldn’t we be […]

Pause and take a Breath

Pause and take a breath before you go from thought to thought to thought.  Forming a habit of continuing this practice, jumping at a high rate of speed from one thought to another, can lead to overwhelm, sleep disorders, binge eating, anxiety, heart and immune disorders. So the next time we begin to feel […]

A Winner’s Mndset – your birthright

Everyone is born with a winner’s mind until they get distracted by someone telling them they can’t. If we want  to live with a winner’s mind,  our God-given birthright then: don’t question the height of the hoop, the challenge, see yourself making the shot and finding a solution don’t listen to sideline shouts saying you […]