How is it possbile?

How is it possible to never have to be reminded to complain about this or that yet need to be reminded to be grateful? How is it possible to read this message and not feel gratitude that we can see? How is it possible to get out of a warm bed and not be grateful […]

Promises, promises…..

Below are a few things to promise yourself everyday: Be compassionate and understanding.  You are not going to understand everything or everyone. Remain strong and filled with courage when faced with fearful events.   Everything has a beginning, middle and end. Smile often.  Smiling is a drug free mood changer. Find something or someone to be grateful for.  […]

Today, what will you……?

Today, I will give thanks for this is a new day.   A day free to express myself and choose my attitude toward life itself. Today, I choose to leave yesterday behind and see people, places and things as opportunities for me to grow. Today, I choose to listen and learn. Today, I choose to […]

A Mosaic called LIFE

Every experience enables us to create another story and complete another piece to our magnificent mosaic called life. Then, when the time is right,  we will look back at the life we created, and recognize with a thankful heart, all the people, places and things that somehow worked together for our good.

Yes it’s time….

Is it time to stop apologizing for being you and stop bullying yourself with your self-talk? Is it time to open your heart, receive your good and release past regrets? Is it time to become intimate with yourself, replace conditional love with unconditional love and accept your perfect imperfections? Is it time to stop living […]