How will you SHOW UP?

Will this year be your year?  The year you show up and: complete the sentence I AM __________ and mean it love you accepting your perfect imperfections let go of unnecessary obligations imposed by others live authentically from the inside out Brene Brown reminds us vulnerability is about showing up as your authentic self.   […]

The reason for change

If we believe we live on the wings of change then we believe we cannot duplicate our moments nor get into the river the same way twice. With change comes growth and with growth expansion.    As our awareness expands,  we begin to see the Divine Plan unfolding in our lives and understand the significance in […]

Yes it’s time….

Is it time to stop apologizing for being you and stop bullying yourself with your self-talk? Is it time to open your heart, receive your good and release past regrets? Is it time to become intimate with yourself, replace conditional love with unconditional love and accept your perfect imperfections? Is it time to stop living […]