Piece by piece…….

Life, like a new puzzle, brings new challenges.   And, like a new puzzle, if we address our challenges like we address a puzzle, taking one piece at time, corners first, then straight line pieces, then colors, shapes etc., before we know it the puzzle is back together and so it will be with our lives. […]

Want more …….

Want more peace, joy and contentment in your life?    Agree to the following: 1.  Intend to speak only from the heart not from the head.   The heart speaks love, peace, resolve and forgiveness, the head speaks ego, anger, winning and no forgiveness. 2.  Don’t take what others say or do personally.   Wounded people hurt […]

Living from the heart……

There is no human ability greater than our own thoughts.   So where have our thoughts taking us? Look and observe the many people in conflict.   They embrace thoughts of doubt and unbelief directing them to go this way, that way and live a life full of conflict – a life of quiet desperation. When […]

Are we responding or……?

Look and see – are we responding? We respond when we see people, places and things as they are, not as we expect them to be. We respond when we see our hearts and minds open to new ways, paths and suggestions. We respond when we see in the moment and not through past experiences. […]

In this moment……

There is a place where we stop struggling against fear and uncertainty.  A place of rest knowing all things will be alright in the end.   That place is found in this moment, the rest found in our breath. We become fearless and at peace with the unknown when we learn to live in the present.  […]

Enlightened and at Rest

How do we know we are living enlightened? When the roles we choose to play no longer feel right When the beliefs we once held in our hearts no longer serve our highest goods When our thoughts, words and action no longer align with the truth of who we are When we are present and […]

In our stillness……

Do we have busy behavior?   Do we run here, there and everywhere, arrange and rearrange our schedules to accommodate this one and that one?   And, in the busyness of doing for others, do we forget to take time for ourselves? In our stillness we go beyond the act of doing.   It is in […]

Trust is…..

What is trust? For me, trust is believing it’s possible when everything says it’s not.   It’s an inner knowing that somewhere behind the dark stormy clouds is a rainbow.  It’s an assurance, that in the next moment, I can begin again. It is said,  life may be filled with weeds but we can trust […]

Ready for peace?

Have you ever noticed the same emotions we carry to bed at night are the same emotions we wake up to in the morning? When we decide to make peace with our past, the emotions carried day to day, week to week, person to person, place to place lighten.   When we choose to let go […]