Who will win?

We are reminded when we do what others say we can’t do, we will never pay attention to their limiting beliefs again. So what will we do with this reminder,  nod and go on living our daily routine, continue to follow main stream I can’t thinking, choose to bury our dreams and avoid swimming upstream?  […]

Are we listening?

What’s in your heart, the treasure chest of stored wants and desires? Proverbs reminds us to listen and find treasures we have buried (good and not so good) behind our words.   We are told life and destruction come out of the mouth, but are we listening?    We know with words we can tear down or […]

Piece by piece…….

Life, like a new puzzle, brings new challenges.   And, like a new puzzle, if we address our challenges like we address a puzzle, taking one piece at time, corners first, then straight line pieces, then colors, shapes etc., before we know it the puzzle is back together and so it will be with our lives. […]

Who was in charge?

So who was in charge during the storm – Ego or Spirit? Ego is the invisible force demanding its way.  It is the unquenchable desire to expect things to always go our way, seek what’s easy and comfortable.   It’s that little voice inside that repeats over and over destructive and quarrelsome self-talk. Spirit on the […]

Thoughts Create

If we believe there are no neutral thoughts and every thought cannot be without an effect then, we will be mindful of our thoughts. If we believe what we think, we create and as we create, so it will be, we will live mindful of our thinking. If we believe every thought is creating something or […]

Are we listening?

When we hear ourselves repeating – listen to me – stop and ask am I listening? Hearing through the ears of others is practicing the Art of Understanding.  When we listen to understand, we criticize less knowing things are not always what they appear to be.   Author Stephen Covey reminds us to give others emotional oxygen by listening […]

In our silence, we know…..

If in our silence, we can hear our hearts beat, feel the touch of a cool breeze, smell the scent of a flower and more. So why are so many uncomfortable with the sound of silence? Could it be that in our silence, we recognize for a split second, the presence of pure love and […]

Living from the heart……

There is no human ability greater than our own thoughts.   So where have our thoughts taking us? Look and observe the many people in conflict.   They embrace thoughts of doubt and unbelief directing them to go this way, that way and live a life full of conflict – a life of quiet desperation. When […]

Talents and Possibilities

Everyone is born with a talent, a gift from the Creator. Our unique talents create opportunities.   But, when we believe our talents are not good enough, not perfect enough, opportunities diminish and our creativity weakens.  For we alone are the author and finisher of our fate.   And, we alone choose their labels. Look around to […]

It has been said…..

It has been said: thoughts become things.  If true, what are we thinking? one can’t hold two thoughts at the same time.  If true, which thought are you thinking – resentment or love, jealousy or compassion? negative thoughts grow like weeds.  If true,  than which thought will we choose to feed and grow? we can […]