A Meditation

A Meditation – In this moment I breath and deeply affirm: The mind of the God, my Source, my Creator, is my mind, directing and guiding me now.  There is nothing to fear. The good I seek is seeking me.  There is no lack. The people, places and things I let go of frees me […]

Is now the right time?

When is the right time for prayer and meditation?  when we cannot control our monkey minds  when we can’t hear our inner voice  when we no longer want to dream  when we forget to give thanks for today Prayer and meditation is the time we take to fast from the everyday ordinary so we can […]

Did you know?

When your world seems to be spinning out of control, that’s the time to pray. When you have a question and need an answer, that’s the time to meditate. When we pray, we release words of impossible and awaken faith for the possible.  In meditation ordinary thoughts stop and extraordinary thoughts begin. With  this practice,  […]

The Good You Seek

In this moment, decide to shift your thoughts from your outer to your inner world where the answer you seek is found. Take a deep breath and know in this moment you are safe. Breath deeply and acknowledge your oneness with the Creator. Breath again awakened at the core of your being knowing, in this […]