Path of peace…..choose this day

When you are ready to live centered and walk the path of peace, you will: stop playing small honor your sacredness live today as today not from yesterday’s experiences detach from your attachments give up attacking, accusing and judging yourself and others live from the heart – the love center – not the head – […]

What kind of love is this?

When we find ourselves asking what kind of Love is this, STOP and explore.   Love comes in many people, places and things.  And, in two forms,   from the heart or the head – both are opposing opposites. If we become impatient, fault-finding, experience an inner desire to move on, we are in love from the […]

How will you use your free gift?

Everyone is born with a free gift – the gift to give and receive love.   BUT, not everyone will use this gift in the same way.  Some will choose to use this powerful gift to control and hurt others.  While others will use this gift to heal.  And, many will choose not to use it […]

Did you hear your story?

Who and what we connect to becomes our story.   Will today be the day you let go of their story, so you can tell yours?   Never forget the truth of your story and the strength to tell it can only be found within. Choose this day and turn your attention from out there to in […]

Your beating heart

It is said our hearts beat approximately 35 million times in a year. (Nova)   Ever wonder how many of those beats went toward love and, how many went toward anger? Decide this day to protect your heart because out it comes the issues of life.   Choose to check in throughout the day, mindful of […]

Consider this…..

Consider this, When we live from the heart, we respond from a place of love When we see from the heart, we focus on the Creator within every person, place and thing When we experience life from the heart, we embrace possibilities Now consider where you have been living, then decide where you want to […]

New Year, New Beginnings………

New Year, New Beginnings, New Intentions – living from the Heart with the following 5 Reiki Principles: Just for today I will not worry Just for today I will not be angry Just for today I will be grateful Just for today I will be and do everything authentically and honestly Just for today I […]

Do you want…..

Do you want to be remembered, have more happiness, more abundance and love? Then, become someones’s helping hands, open your heart and become the love you seek. And, you will be remembered, happier, receive more love and become more abundance.

To live……

To live authentically, live accepting, loving, with compassion and understanding of self and others. For the value we place on ourselves, is the value we will place on others.