Love is an influencer……

We are influenced by love is a statement of truth.   A truer statement is how we love – conditional or unconditional – that influences us so much more.   To find out how we have, are and will love review the following: I know I am loving unconditionally when I am: patient and kind to […]

Receive and so it will be….

Feeling unsafe, down and alone?  I pray the following message brings you peace and serenity. Open your heart, to the song’s lyrics and receive The Prayer, I pray you’ll be our eyes, and watch us where we go. And help us to be wise, in times when we don’t know. Let this be our […]

We are born to love……

We are born to love, therefore there is no need to teach love.  What needs to be taught is how to love, and love unconditionally. Unconditional love has no regrets because unconditional love has no predetermined expectations. Unconditional love holds no malice because unconditional love is forgiveness. Unconditional love has no shoulds or should nots […]

We get to choose YET, AGAIN

Today, we get to choose again. Think about that.   Will you choose to see another as a friend?  Will you choose to dwell on your imperfections and the imperfections of another?  Will you choose to open your heart and let you see the wounded child within? Today, you are at choice again.  May your choices […]

Love is……

What is love? Love is a feeling of ACCEPTANCE.  It is a knowing that we are understood and not judged when triggered.  Love is forgiving and does not live in the past.  Love is embracing all our perfect imperfections and the imperfections of others. Love can be seen in the eyes of a lover who […]

It’s your story….

We know we have a story.  The question is whose voice will tell your story?   Will your story be told from the inner critic who whispers you could have done better, you are not enough, undeserving, not worthy, etc.   Will you allow your story to be told by outsiders, who think they know you but […]

If you are ready, say YES

YES,  it is possible to practice and share unconditional love when we are ready to: stop looking for our differences recognize we are all perfect imperfections decline from playing the game of pretense decide to live from the heart not from ego allow ourselves to let go of expectations allow ourselves and others to just […]

Denial or Truth

Denial is a self-defense mechanism many use to avoid accountability and rejection.   But, in doing so, are we denying our God-given gifts, our connections, sharing love, thoughts and ideas because we fear being rejected?   And, are we denying our happiness because we return to past experiences blaming others because we do not want to be […]

When love ….. then

5 important things to remember concerning love: When love leads, peace and understanding happen. When love is found, forgiveness and compassion follow. When love is shared, we speak the same language. When love is the intention, the hungry are feed. When love is embraced, the lonely find a friend.