Decide on the ingredients…..

What does a good day look like for you? Does it look like a recipe filled with a pinch of gratitude, a sprinkle of hope. spoonfuls of faith and joy?   Would you add ounces of smiles, pounds of love and baked with understanding in an oven called patience? Decide on the ingredients and the quantity […]

WHY is that?

Asking WHY, uncovers the compelling reasons behind our thoughts, words and actions. Our WHYs  determine our motivation and drive,   Our WHY’s help uncover solutions to our challenges.   And, ultimately It is our WHY’s that influence our choices.

Can you?

If we can, would we? If we judged not, would we become the bridge over someones’ troubled water? If we embraced happiness, would we be happy? If we saw ourselves more than we are, would we become our vision? If we let go and forgive ourselves, would we say, ‘I Trust on Me’, and mean […]

When love ….. then

5 important things to remember concerning love: When love leads, peace and understanding happen. When love is found, forgiveness and compassion follow. When love is shared, we speak the same language. When love is the intention, the hungry are feed. When love is embraced, the lonely find a friend.

We are always at choice…..

We prevent ourselves from living in the present when our minds are preoccupied with thoughts of the past. We prevent living in the moment when we use time against ourselves and continue living for tomorrow. We remain in the present by checking in during the day asking the following questions, Where am I Where do I […]

Over promising?

If we uncovered the why and the effects of over promising, would we over promise? When we over promise: we create excessive worry and stress. we set unrealistic expectations and dead lines. we diminish our self-worth, self-acceptance and increase the need for validation. we question if our best is good enough. we rob ourselves of […]

Up or Down Our Choice….

We are reminded how and what we choose will help us grow up or grow down.   Think about yesterday’s choices – in what direction did they take you? Our identity is tied to our choices and when we make I’m afraid or they want me to choices  we limit what’s possible.  Ronald Reagan choose […]

Your good……

Did you know the good you seek is seeking you everyday? All too often, we put out an intention, a call to the universe,  then go about our day never giving it a second thought.  Now, caught up in our to-dos, we go about our day on auto-pilot  ending the day without recognizing our intention  […]

Want Peace……

Want peace and relaxation?  Let go of yesterday and the to-dos of tomorrow.   When we do not focus on NOW, the present, we are living in a state of flux – one foot here, one thought there, not here, not there. Master Teachers from Jesus to Buddha, etc., have written – give no thought for […]

Self-care = Self-love

What is self-care?  Self-care is providing love and care for you by you.  It is treating yourself kindly and being mindful of your physical, emotional and psychological well-being. So is self-care important?  It is if we want: to avoid burn out by running ourselves into the ground with too many obligations to avoid compassion fatigue […]