How will we choose?

No we can’t avoid some of  life challenges BUT,  we can find ways to get through them. The greatest teachers, Jesus, Buddha, Mother Teresa, Bethany Hamilton and Boston Bomber Survivor Jeff Bauman are among the many who faced and defeated life’s challenges.   AND, each one left an inspirational path for us to follow.  Now the […]

Make a list….

Today, be someone’s rainbow of hope.   Share a kind word with a stranger.   Give like there was no tomorrow.   People may forget our name, but will never forget how we made them feel. If we created a list of differences we made in the lives of others, how long would that list […]

Connect to your light

As we  connect to the light within, our perceptions change from I can’t to I can. Our light is the Divine Power, our source of all possibilities.   As we connect to this power, the things that were once seen as limitations becomes possible.   The unseen once clouded over by doubt and fear becomes clearly […]

Walk with nature when…..

It is said, Birds are Divine messengers, but are we listening? The ocean waves a reminder to let go and be in the flow of life, but will we let go? A palm tree yielding to the wind demonstrates the benefit of non-resistance, but do we insist on having things our way? When we need […]

If you believe then______!

If I can see it, then I can do it, if I believe it there’s nothing to it, I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky (R Kelly) …..and today we experience travel to outer space and drones here on earth. What are we seeing, thinking and believing?   As we practice […]

Why smile?

We have heard a smile is worth a thousand words.  If true, how many words did we say yesterday and how many will we say today? Smiling is:  A universal language that reduce stress in ourselves first then in others. An inner language of the heart not the head. An unspoken language that says you […]