How we pray…..

How we pray matters. Prayers filled with faith, Buddha shares, engenders a super-normal mental state where the impossible becomes possible.   Prayers filled with doubt, engenders what’s impossible and remains impossible. When we pray in faith, we do not look at what is happening out there,  but what is going on within us.   For then we […]

What are we expecting?

If we choose to see through the eyes of  love, acceptance and  forgiveness, we see a world filled with peace and harmony.  But, if we choose to see a world filled with chaos, anger and hate, more chaos, anger and hate will be revealed. Research proves ones expectation is a powerful force.  Like gravity, our expectations draw to […]

Make a list….

Today, be someone’s rainbow of hope.   Share a kind word with a stranger.   Give like there was no tomorrow.   People may forget our name, but will never forget how we made them feel. If we created a list of differences we made in the lives of others, how long would that list […]

We are at choice

Looking for happiness, cast aside your worries and look to nature.     A palm tree is not concerned when the storms are raging but is steadfast, flexible and assured by its roots grounded to Mother Earth.   And, look at the birds, they are not stressed out, worrying about food, water or shelter.  They believe the […]

The reason for change

If we believe we live on the wings of change then we believe we cannot duplicate our moments nor get into the river the same way twice. With change comes growth and with growth expansion.    As our awareness expands,  we begin to see the Divine Plan unfolding in our lives and understand the significance in […]

We love because……

Why love?  We love because LOVE increases understanding heals a broken heart makes sad eyes smile forgives lets go of guilt and blame receives graciously manifests abundance We don’t love because ????

Look and ……

Look and see the worst behind you. Look and accept new experiences before you. Look and recognize the sunrise as proof of new beginnings. Look and embrace the you that is now and the you that is becoming. Look and know without the stormy rains, there would be no rainbows. Look and behold the rainbow […]

Life is……

The meaning of life is different for everyone, except for one thing.    Life is not meant for us to live afraid of trying and trying again and again. When we try we don’t wait for everything to be perfect, we spread our wings in faith and courageously move forward. Life is not about the […]