Pay it forward

Who showed you a way and supported you so you could grow?   And, who are we suppporting now? A foundation is poured before a beautiful skyscraper can be built, but someone had to provide pouring directions. A seed is planted and a flower grows, but someone had to provide the seed. When we look […]

When challenged……

When challenged With unexpected events that shatter our world, we get angry.   Don’t deny the anger, funnel it and become someone’s peace. With unexpected events that break our hearts, we feel helpless.  Don’t deny the feeling, funnel it and become someone’s hope. With every challenge we can rise up showing up united in faith knowing […]

Is it faith, hope or both?

Is it faith, hope or both? Faith is the assurance, that gut feeling,  that guides and helps us ease into a busy day.  It is that inner self-trust and knowing that all things will work out for our good – even the things we don’t understand.   Hope is living in the moment, believing that nothing […]

Your Power to Heal

In his book The Secret of Healing, author Jack Addington writes if we believe in any source of healing, we open our minds and receive the wholeness that is already ours.   For then, we recognize we are a mirror reflecting our Divine Power. And, when you are ready, embrace this truth, tap into your power and […]