When challenged……

When challenged With unexpected events that shatter our world, we get angry.   Don’t deny the anger, funnel it and become someone’s peace. With unexpected events that break our hearts, we feel helpless.  Don’t deny the feeling, funnel it and become someone’s hope. With every challenge we can rise up showing up united in faith knowing […]

Your Power to Heal

In his book The Secret of Healing, author Jack Addington writes if we believe in any source of healing, we open our minds and receive the wholeness that is already ours.   For then, we recognize we are a mirror reflecting our Divine Power. And, when you are ready, embrace this truth, tap into your power and […]

Bittersweet feelings……

The Holiday Season seems to bring out bittersweet feelings for many.  The loss of a loved one, the loss of employment, a lost relationship,  social status and more, are remembered.    If you are among the many, think about comparing your life to a ship afloat at sea.   As the storms come and heavy rains fall […]

Why Smile

4 Reasons to smile? A smile activates endorphins and serotonin that relaxes the body releasing stress. A smile is contagious. A smile changes our perceptions and changing our perception changes our experiences A smile is good medicine for the soul (Prov 17:22) It is said our joy can be the source of our smile or […]

What do you believe?

What I believe, I believe in the gift of dreams and in our creative ability to see them come true. I believe no good comes from complaining. I believe we are unique expressions of God, gifted with a purpose. I believe thoughts create feelings, and feelings ignite words, and words catapult us to action. I […]

Know what you’re thinking…..

If you want to know what you’re thinking, meditate. Meditation brings out the stuff we carry in our thoughts and feelings Meditation gives us the opportunity to place our cares on a cloud and let them go. Meditation allows us the time to put down our baggage, drop our shoulders long enough to experience peace […]

So what’s in your story?

Everything is a story and everything has a beginning, a middle and an end.   But, some stories never end because the storytellers choose to tell the same story over and over again. Everything is a story with various roles and different characters.   But, some storytellers never change characters or roles.  They choose to repeat the […]

Oops, I did it again….

We will have moments of Oops. Moments when we gave away our power of choice to another or underestimated our own ability.  The oops  moments when we forget to let go of yesterday and bring yesterday’s hurts and disappointment into our today.  Or, those moments when we forgot to look inside instead of out there […]

Within is the light…..

Our greatest opportunity is to connect with the Greater One who lives within us.   Ralph Waldo Emerson reminds us from within a light shines through us and that light is all there is. When we remain connected to that light what is now invisible becomes visible. In the deepest part of your heart declare – […]