Who’s voice will we choose?

There are many voices beckoning us to go this way, that way, come here, go there, but who’s voice are we listening to? If we listen to the voice of the world, we hear many calling us to side with division, greed, hate and anger.  If we listen to the still voice of Spirit within […]

Find your rhythm and live your bliss

We are in this world not of this world. When we live life from the inside out we observe how endings become new beginnings, how waves flow in and out, how the sun slowly rises as the moon disappears.   When we live life from the inside out, we find the rhythm of life – […]

Enlightened and at Rest

How do we know we are living enlightened? When the roles we choose to play no longer feel right When the beliefs we once held in our hearts no longer serve our highest goods When our thoughts, words and action no longer align with the truth of who we are When we are present and […]

In our stillness……

Do we have busy behavior?   Do we run here, there and everywhere, arrange and rearrange our schedules to accommodate this one and that one?   And, in the busyness of doing for others, do we forget to take time for ourselves? In our stillness we go beyond the act of doing.   It is in […]

In this moment….

It is crucial to our health to expect good and live harmonious with others. Studies prove living day after day stressed, angry and worried plays havoc on our well-being.   Recognizing the power and presence of God within allows stressed shoulders to drop, tense muscles to be released and peace filled harmony to return. When we […]

Agree then proceed……

Living in Agreement with your Higher Self still holds true today. Agreement 1 – Be impeccable with your words, say only what you mean.    Words have power to create, destroy, empower, imprison or set us free.  Listen to your thoughts for out of the heart the mouth speaks. Agreement 2 – Don’t take anything personally. […]

We are connected

We are one, connected by our humanity and spirit.  If we believe this, we would not judge according to appearance. We would let our light shine and our imagination soar from ordinary to extraordinary thinking.   We would shine our light for the world to see releasing false beliefs and live in truth. The truth, we […]


Are we the kind of friend we want others to be? As we need friends in our corner who believe in us and cheer us on, we need to be in their corner believing in them also.   When we begin and end each day thankful for the friends in our lives, we find our days […]

Define Success

Success has different meanings for each of us because it is influenced by beliefs, culture, experiences, family and friends.    To find what success looks, sounds and feels like at this moment, ask: Is success seeing myself win the argument at all costs or finding win/win solutions Is success hearing my words of compassion or using […]