Stories re-lived or…..

It is said we cannot re-live our history.   A statement of truth, but not a true statement.  For it is possible to re-live our history by choosing to tell a different story, Yes, life has disappointments and hurts, expect them, but don’t build your entire life story around them.   Today is a new day with […]

Ever wonder?

Ever wonder why we do the things we do?   Like why do we: put limits on ourselves believe we can’t doubt our abilities and stop trying look for everyone’s approval before taking action on an idea set impossible standards, then wonder why we fail remain in our comfort zone and question why we feel so stuck […]

So what’s in your story?

Everything is a story and everything has a beginning, a middle and an end.   But, some stories never end because the storytellers choose to tell the same story over and over again. Everything is a story with various roles and different characters.   But, some storytellers never change characters or roles.  They choose to repeat the […]

Choose the path…..

Why live with a grateful heart? When we live with a grateful heart, We increase in understanding and become more accepting of ourselves and others We take time to self-care,  walk with nature and accept its calm and peace We love without conditions We learn to appreciate our uniqueness and those of others We are […]

The truth….

What is the truth about love?   Leonard da Vinci writes – the truth is great love is born when we have great knowledge of the thing we love. As we learn great love and understanding for ourselves, great will be our love and understanding for others.

The possibility of Love

Can it be possible to  feel the depths of love if we hold in our hearts and minds the fear of rejection?    Is it possible to receive love if we hold back giving love? When we allow our hearts to open and be receptive to the Creator’s love within,  we receive the manifestations of love. […]

Remembered for___do you know?

How do we want to be remembered?  Do you want to be remembered as compassionate and kind because you reach out to others in need? Perhaps  you want to be remembered for the love and hope you gave to the hopeless, or for your inner Spirit that illuminates so bright that everyone who is near […]

Thoughts & Words

Life is lived through our thoughts and words.    What do you want to experience? Want to experience a magical day, think grateful and speak impeccably. Want to experience the flow of life, see the end in mind and speak in faith believing. Want to experience freedom of judgment, become the change you want to […]

Center on the Heart

Center on love and you will respond in love to what’s around you. Defy, not deny limitations, and choose to embrace what’s possible.   Destructive thoughts bring about fearful reactions, our lowest form of conscious living.  Allow yourself to experience the bliss of being one with others by recognizing what is controlling your level of thoughts […]