Freedom Day

Today is Independence Day.  A day we are at choice again.   A day we are free to express ourselves and choose our attitude. Today is freedom day.   A day not to be taken for granted, but to live with a deep sense of gratitude. Grateful for America and grateful to our Creator.

Will you choose it again?

It is said, Steve Jobs asked himself every morning, “If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?”   He did not say what I am doing, he said “WHAT I AM ABOUT TO DO…” Every moment is a choice and there are new […]

How curious are you?

If we want to tap into the genius within, be willing to ask questions?    If you want to wake up your curiosity, become inquisitive. If you want to __________ takes 10 minutes each day and mindfully become curious about YOU – your thoughts, your surroundings, your beliefs, etc.   And, if you don’t have 10 minutes […]

This __ without that ___ cannot be

Can we ever find a solution without having a problem or experience the beauty of a butterfly without the transformation of a caterpillar?   So why when we look for new beginnings, are we surprised when challenges and transformations present themselves? Think about this, can we ever experience the richness of life or fly free as […]


When we practice mindful living, we are conscious of our triggers.   Triggers are emotions we pack deep inside.  They are associated with thoughts, feelings and traumas of past experiences carried from place to place and person to person. As 2017 comes to a close, take time to look inside your heart and see what emotional baggage you are carrying.  Then, decide to embrace, feel and let go of the […]

Living at ease…..

Want to be live in the here and now?   Then let go of yesterday’s thoughts and tomorrow’s concerns – it’s that simple. There is no magic, no guru speaking or special formula to help everyone live in the present moment.   It’s simply an individual decision; a practice of participating in life moment by moment. I […]

Listen to the Inner Child

What would we hear if we asked our inner child what he/she wanted and needed?   Ask, then listen. Would we hear: I need to feel loved because when I feel loved I feel special. I want to feel heard because when I feel I am heard, I feel I matter. I need to feel safe […]

See differntly……

What is an Invisible Creator?   It is a Creator who sees – everything, everyone – and says, “it is good….” We are created to live in a world of diversity; to live in a garden filled with roses, daffodils, sunflowers, trees and more.   Life was meant for us to co-exist, to live as one and find our place in the puzzle […]

Uncovering the truth

Reactions are learning opportunities in disguise. We react when fearful, when we believe something or someone will be taken away.   In this reactive mode, we become irritated at everything surrounding us.   We are annoyed when people move too slow or things get in our way.   We become bother and see small things as insurmountable.   But, […]

Shedding the old….

Did you know as a snake grows, its skin becomes worn and must be shed?   That a snake intuitively knows there are new layers of skin underneath just waiting for the old to be shed? Now, look around, and ask, Am I ready to shed the old _____ to allow for the new? Am I […]