Want more …….

Want more peace, joy and contentment in your life?    Agree to the following: 1.  Intend to speak only from the heart not from the head.   The heart speaks love, peace, resolve and forgiveness, the head speaks ego, anger, winning and no forgiveness. 2.  Don’t take what others say or do personally.   Wounded people hurt […]

Who’s voice will we choose?

There are many voices beckoning us to go this way, that way, come here, go there, but who’s voice are we listening to? If we listen to the voice of the world, we hear many calling us to side with division, greed, hate and anger.  If we listen to the still voice of Spirit within […]

What do you believe?

What I believe, I believe in the gift of dreams and in our creative ability to see them come true. I believe no good comes from complaining. I believe we are unique expressions of God, gifted with a purpose. I believe thoughts create feelings, and feelings ignite words, and words catapult us to action. I […]

Ready for peace?

Have you ever noticed the same emotions we carry to bed at night are the same emotions we wake up to in the morning? When we decide to make peace with our past, the emotions carried day to day, week to week, person to person, place to place lighten.   When we choose to let go […]

What’s in your Baggage

To practice mindfulness is to become conscious of emotions associated to our thoughts and feelings.   If negative associations are not checked, and corrected,  they are packed in our emotional baggage and carried from place to place and person to person. It is important to assess the why behind the emotions we pack away behind the […]

Can we, Would we

Can we truly see the heart and spirit of another if we only look with our humanness  Would we understand and accept others,  if we’re looking through the veils of  fear? Can we ever love others unconditionally if we can’t love ourselves without conditions?  Would we forgive others if we haven’t learned to forgive ourselves […]