A strategy to remain calm………

Want a strategy to remain calm throughout your day, CHECK IN. Morning check in – what are you thinking?  Did you start the day with yesterday thoughts, future tasks or in the present setting an intention, grateful for a new day? Mid morning check in – did you hear yourself barking at the cashier because […]

You see what?

We heard it said what you see is what you get.  If true, how are we seeing our lives? Are we giving more than we receive because we see ourselves as undeserving? Are we saying, “I’ll believe it when I see it” then get angry when whatever it is does not appear? Are we expecting and seeing the […]

Want Peace……

Want peace and relaxation?  Let go of yesterday and the to-dos of tomorrow.   When we do not focus on NOW, the present, we are living in a state of flux – one foot here, one thought there, not here, not there. Master Teachers from Jesus to Buddha, etc., have written – give no thought for […]

To have less confusion we……

Do we know how many people we can talk to,  how many cups of coffee, cans of soda or bottled water we can drink at once?   The answer is obvious,  it is one at a time. Yes it is a fact that we can address multiple people from a podium, prepare many cups of coffee […]

We are at choice….

It is said where our attention and intention goes, our energy flows.   If we accept this as a statement of truth, our thoughts will be filled with gratitude,  attracting our good.   We will say yes to life and send forth welcoming energy. We will see all experiences as opportunities to become aware of who […]

There is ……

There is Divine Order in all things if we patiently look and listen. As we allow ourselves to relax and let go of the outcome, we hear whispers of reassurance reminding us all things work together for good, even the ones we don’t understand.   When things appear to be in disarray, keep your eyes […]

Can you or Will you?

Can you sit comfortably in silence and remain silent long enough to hear the voice of God in your heart? Can you remain silent when triggered by those around you and not give away your power? For those who can, keep their power and gain a peace that surpasses all understanding, but for those who […]

Facts, did you know?

It has been researched and shared time and time again that: With a vision, a destination, you will always find a way. With a vision, the bumps and detours experienced won’t stop you. With a destination, the intense fog and fierce storms of life won’t stop you. Without a vision we are stopped and tossed […]

Peace, Hope and the Human Touch

Overwhelmed, pause, take a deep breathe and re-focus on, Peace, it is our natural state of being.  Proverbs reminds us to keep tranquillity in our minds and hearts. When we are jealous and envious, we live oppressed and subject our bodies to dis-ease. Research proves negative thoughts send stress hormones to the body affecting bone, […]

What movie should we see?

Let’s go to the movies. We choose to see a scary movie expecting to be afraid and we do. We choose a comedy expecting to laugh and we do. But, what are we expecting when we look at the movies in our minds?   Everyday we have the opportunity to replay or recreate our movie called […]