How will you choose?

The good book says it rains on the just and unjust.   With that being said, what matters then is not the rain, but what we do in the rain as it falls. We are told, the greatest weapon against ourselves is between our ears.   They are our thoughts of fear and doubt that come naturally […]

How we play the game…..

How will you show up today? Will you choose to show up in life small, wishing and hoping that your dreams will come true?  Or, will you choose to show up big, live by faith and act like your dreams have come true? Choose for this day,  the only day you have to exercise your […]

Stop, Look & Listen

We are in response mode when filled with faith and reaction mode when filled with fear. Fear keeps us in a state of agitation, on the defense, in the past or out there somewhere in the future.   Faith keeps us in the present, calmly trusting, not taking anything personally.   Everything that irritates us, reminds Dr. […]

The Healing Process

We will know our  hurtful emotional wounds have been healed when we no longer think or talk about them.  For then, we have let go of the people, places and things that no longer add to our highest good. If you can, just in this moment, see the flow of healing love enter your heart […]