I CAN or I CAN’T choose!

There are many words describing what we believe, and the two that really matter are I CAN or I CAN’T. I CAN believers see a world filled with possibilities, support and encouragement. They understand behind challenges are opportunities of solutions.   I CAN believes don’t deny the storms of life, they see through them and find […]

Is it faith, hope or both?

Is it faith, hope or both? Faith is the assurance, that gut feeling,  that guides and helps us ease into a busy day.  It is that inner self-trust and knowing that all things will work out for our good – even the things we don’t understand.   Hope is living in the moment, believing that nothing […]

A story to think about

A story to think about.  Two frineds on their daily walk, slipped off the mountain side.   Both gripped with fear, held onto the cliff’s edge and began praying , “God please send someone to save us.”   Shortly after praying,  someone came along, reached down and shouted,  “Let go of the edge and grab my […]

Faith isn’t faith until……

Faith isn’t faith until it’s all we can hold onto when there is no end in sight. Faith isn’t faith until we recognize there’s somebody bigger within you or I. Faith isn’t faith until we are willing to climb out on the skinny branches and take a risk. Faith isnt faith until we see what […]

I Trust On Me….a story

No matter how big or small, young or old, there is always a Trust On Me moment. Ella was 7 when she wrote her story – I Trust On Me.   Entering a new grade,  she found herself in new situations, with new kids, unfamiliar territory, facing new fears and uncertainties.  But Ella knew the source […]

First Believe

To become who we want to be, we must first believe. Believe that our past story does not define us and choose a new story. Believe we are valued and what we say to ourselves and others will matter. Believe we are extraordinary and not mediocrity. And, now you will see how and what is […]

It’s never to late…

It’s never to late to live your dream. You may be 69 years young and want to run for office, do it!  Ronald Reagan was elected President at 69. You may be 79 and want to bring ideas to fruition, do it!  Ben Franklin created bi-focal lens at 79. You may be the adventurous type […]

How will you choose?

The good book says it rains on the just and unjust.   With that being said, what matters then is not the rain, but what we do in the rain as it falls. We are told, the greatest weapon against ourselves is between our ears.   They are our thoughts of fear and doubt that come naturally […]

How do we know?

We are our faith in action when we: continue to drive in the dark when we can’t see beyond 100 feet continue to take the next step and the next when we can’t see the top of the stairs continue to believe our dreams when everyone is saying they are not possible We know our faith […]

What are we expecting?

If we choose to see through the eyes of  love, acceptance and  forgiveness, we see a world filled with peace and harmony.  But, if we choose to see a world filled with chaos, anger and hate, more chaos, anger and hate will be revealed. Research proves ones expectation is a powerful force.  Like gravity, our expectations draw to […]