It’s your story….

We know we have a story.  The question is whose voice will tell your story?   Will your story be told from the inner critic who whispers you could have done better, you are not enough, undeserving, not worthy, etc.   Will you allow your story to be told by outsiders, who think they know you but […]

Are we too busy?

Some keep busy because they are uncomfortable with the space between the notes of just being.   Are we? Listen and find the answer: When we hear ourselves responding I’m so busy when asked, “How are you?” When we hear ourselves running through our laundry list when asked, “Can we meet for lunch?” When we hear […]


Imagine this.   If the Wright Brothers did not dream, we would not have the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. When your heart is in your dream, no dream is too extreme.   Steve Jobs knew that and today we have the PC. When we are in touch with our inner child,  dreams come true.  Walt Disney knew that […]

What will you choose?

How we choose to see ourselves matters.    It matters in our careers, self-image, relationships, finances and more. Not where you want to be, use the power of imagination to get there.   The term imagination comes from a Latin verb imaginari meaning to picture oneself.   When we choose to awaken the power of imagination we see […]

Be the difference…..

What difference did we make in someone’s life yesterday and what is the difference we plan on making in someone’s life today? We may never be known to the world, but our acts of kindness and the difference we make in the lives of others will be.    Decide, who will be that someone who remembers […]

What’s your mirror telling?

Why mirror practice? Mirror practice opens the heart and soul. Mirror practice exposes fear filled thoughts and feelings. Mirror practice reveals hurts so one can forgive. Mirror practice sets the soul free. The more we practice, the more we hear.  The more we hear the more we understand.  The more we understand the more we […]

Life is…….

What’s life about anyway? Life is about choices.   Choosing to move toward the giants and challenges in our lives  not running from them. Life is about living by faith and trust not fear and doubt. Life is about living in the moment not in the past or future.   Now is the right time to do […]

Live your bliss…

Live with purpose or live in the shadows of others. When we find our purpose, we find our gifts.   When we find our gifts, cures are discover and impossibilities become possible.    When we live in the IM POSSIBLE, we find fulfillment. You were created special and to share your special with others.   Live with […]

Explore the extraordinary you….

Are we living an ordinary life and experiencing auto-pilot living?    To wake up your curiosity and live the extraordinary life,  devote time to explore questions.   Leonardo da Vinci did and tapped into the genius within. To wake up the genius within, take a 10 minute me break to explore a question and write down your […]