Listen carefully

It is said by our words, we tell the world all about ourselves.   But, are we listening? By our words we justify and judge and by our words we are merciful and loving.  Listen carefully, for out of the abundance of the heart, what we think we speak.

Are we listening?

What’s in your heart, the treasure chest of stored wants and desires? Proverbs reminds us to listen and find treasures we have buried (good and not so good) behind our words.   We are told life and destruction come out of the mouth, but are we listening?    We know with words we can tear down or […]

Choose your experience……

Research shows we have 50,000 or more thoughts per day.  Some thoughts are temporary, they come and go, others are habitual and become deeply rooted in our hearts and minds. If we believe what we consistently think about we bring about, we will live alert and aware.  For what we continue to think about we […]

It has been said…..

It has been said: thoughts become things.  If true, what are we thinking? one can’t hold two thoughts at the same time.  If true, which thought are you thinking – resentment or love, jealousy or compassion? negative thoughts grow like weeds.  If true,  than which thought will we choose to feed and grow? we can […]

Do you have statements of truth?

Affirming statements of truth releases fear, anxiety and discouragements.   Is one or more of the following statements, your truth? I trust and open my heart to accept and receive my good. I release all concerns knowing all things work together for my good even the ones I question. I trust and replace conditional love with […]

Who we are ……….

Who we are can be answered by uncovering who we are not. We are not selfish, but loving of self and others. We are not discouraged when storms comes,  but confident that the storms will pass and the rainbows will appear. We are not stuck under our circumstances, but on top of them and moving […]

Life is…….

What is life? Life for me is about the choices I make and the meaning I put behind them.    It is not about the rain, but the song I choose to sing and the dance I decide to dance in the rain.    Life for me is looking for and finding that pony in the  pile […]

Within is the light…..

Our greatest opportunity is to connect with the Greater One who lives within us.   Ralph Waldo Emerson reminds us from within a light shines through us and that light is all there is. When we remain connected to that light what is now invisible becomes visible. In the deepest part of your heart declare – […]

What comes after your I AM?

If asked, “Who are you”, what would you say?  Aristotle writes knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom. When we know the authentic self,  we live with an open heart.    When we live with an open heart we live from the inside out with love and no judgment.   When we choose to live from […]