Are you ready?

When will we be ready: To resolve the conflict and end the battle between our ears To discern what’s holding us back from true happiness and cease living a life of mediocrity To stop living yesterday again and again and start living today anew Interesting allegory but true, it is said some build fences to […]

Do you know your season?

In everything there is a season, A time for people, places and things to come into our lives and a time for them to leave. A time for us to learn and a time for us to teach. A time to bless and be blessed. A time to plant, to cultivate our plantings and a […]

How curious are we?

Our curiosity plays a major role in our lives and in the lives of others.   So how curious are you? It was curiosity that stretched the limits of scientists and today we have space travel. It was curiosity among medical professionals that created a cholesterol test to assess our risk of a heart attack. It […]

What do you believe?

What do you believe?   If you never asked that question or did and blew off the answer, today is the day to ask again and listen. What do you believe?   Do you believe life is more than yesterday’s detours and roadblocks?  Do you believe Heaven knows your existence and leads you to be everything you […]

A story to think about

A story to think about.  Two frineds on their daily walk, slipped off the mountain side.   Both gripped with fear, held onto the cliff’s edge and began praying , “God please send someone to save us.”   Shortly after praying,  someone came along, reached down and shouted,  “Let go of the edge and grab my […]

How will you SHOW UP?

Will this year be your year?  The year you show up and: complete the sentence I AM __________ and mean it love you accepting your perfect imperfections let go of unnecessary obligations imposed by others live authentically from the inside out Brene Brown reminds us vulnerability is about showing up as your authentic self.   […]

Is that time today?

There will come a time: when we recognize who and what really matters, who and what never did, and who and what always will when our thoughts are heart directed and our actions love directed when we live authentically and courageously, not fearful of our vulnerability when we acknowledge we are one and what affects […]

I Trust On Me….a story

No matter how big or small, young or old, there is always a Trust On Me moment. Ella was 7 when she wrote her story – I Trust On Me.   Entering a new grade,  she found herself in new situations, with new kids, unfamiliar territory, facing new fears and uncertainties.  But Ella knew the source […]

Begin your adventure…….

When does adventure begin?  It begins at the end of our comfort zone. Adventure begins when we let go of who we think we are and act on what we know we are. Adventure begins when we open our hearts and minds to opportunities from people, places and things. Adventure begins when we can see […]