Feeling stuck……

Feeling stuck, listen and see.   Language is a reflection of thoughts that we choose to put into motion – we think so we speak, we speak so we act. The answer to our stuck-ness is waking up, becoming aware and acknowledging we are stuck.   Awareness is turning off the auto-pilot button long enough to […]

It’s never to late…

It’s never to late to live your dream. You may be 69 years young and want to run for office, do it!  Ronald Reagan was elected President at 69. You may be 79 and want to bring ideas to fruition, do it!  Ben Franklin created bi-focal lens at 79. You may be the adventurous type […]

It’s your story….

We know we have a story.  The question is whose voice will tell your story?   Will your story be told from the inner critic who whispers you could have done better, you are not enough, undeserving, not worthy, etc.   Will you allow your story to be told by outsiders, who think they know you but […]

My confidence level is?

Confidence – what is it and do you have it? Confidence is trusting oneself in all things.  It is a state of hopefulness. Confidence is lovingly accepting ourselves – who we are, who we want to become, what we believe and more. Confidence is knowing that all our outcomes will be our teacher. Check it out, on a scale […]

Keep seeking…..

A land owner unfamiliar with diamonds in the rough, saw many stones along the river bank of his property.  Not knowing nor bothering to find out what they were, he decided they were worthless.  Now despondent, he sold the property and went looking for his treasure elsewhere. After many years of seeking, the land owner returns […]

Ever wonder?

Ever wonder why we do the things we do?   Like why do we: put limits on ourselves believe we can’t doubt our abilities and stop trying look for everyone’s approval before taking action on an idea set impossible standards, then wonder why we fail remain in our comfort zone and question why we feel so stuck […]

Let go of the HOW

One way to allow your hopes and dreams to come true is to let go of the HOW. Pilots flying from FL to NY or NJ to LA know, pending no unforeseen situations, will safely arrive at their planned destination.    They take off believing the route selected is the best for now, but they […]

How we play the game…..

How will you show up today? Will you choose to show up in life small, wishing and hoping that your dreams will come true?  Or, will you choose to show up big, live by faith and act like your dreams have come true? Choose for this day,  the only day you have to exercise your […]

Change happens…..

Change creates uncertainty, but change can also open doors of new possibilities.   We change jobs and meet the person of our dreams, transition to another state and find amazing friends. As a plant grows in the direction of the sun, it does not question the essence of the sun’s being, it just receives its […]

Look and ……

Look and see the worst behind you. Look and accept new experiences before you. Look and recognize the sunrise as proof of new beginnings. Look and embrace the you that is now and the you that is becoming. Look and know without the stormy rains, there would be no rainbows. Look and behold the rainbow […]