Where are your decisions coming from?

Decisions are made from two places – the heart or the head.  When made from the head, they are driven by our humanness – self-centered and less giving.  Whereas, decisions made from the heart come from love, understanding and compassion.  They focus on supporting and a win-win outcome for everyone To avoid unwanted results from […]

Are you ready?

When will we be ready: To resolve the conflict and end the battle between our ears To discern what’s holding us back from true happiness and cease living a life of mediocrity To stop living yesterday again and again and start living today anew Interesting allegory but true, it is said some build fences to […]

Do you know your season?

In everything there is a season, A time for people, places and things to come into our lives and a time for them to leave. A time for us to learn and a time for us to teach. A time to bless and be blessed. A time to plant, to cultivate our plantings and a […]

How will you SHOW UP?

Will this year be your year?  The year you show up and: complete the sentence I AM __________ and mean it love you accepting your perfect imperfections let go of unnecessary obligations imposed by others live authentically from the inside out Brene Brown reminds us vulnerability is about showing up as your authentic self.   […]

Your beating heart

It is said our hearts beat approximately 35 million times in a year. (Nova)   Ever wonder how many of those beats went toward love and, how many went toward anger? Decide this day to protect your heart because out it comes the issues of life.   Choose to check in throughout the day, mindful of […]

Begin your adventure…….

When does adventure begin?  It begins at the end of our comfort zone. Adventure begins when we let go of who we think we are and act on what we know we are. Adventure begins when we open our hearts and minds to opportunities from people, places and things. Adventure begins when we can see […]

If not here then where?

Want to start today without yesterday’s chaos, check in and ask, “Where am I – here or there?” Want to live today without yesterday’s anxious thoughts, check in and affirm:   In the multitude of my anxious thoughts, I am comforted.   My heart and mind open to new ways of seeing, feeling and doing what is […]

We are at choice, decide.

Knowing we are at choice, why decide to choose the latter? We decide how to live our lives –  happy or miserable. We choose to live life filled with love or fear.  We decide the who and what are similar or different. We choose to play the role of victor or victim. We decide to […]

Bittersweet feelings……

The Holiday Season seems to bring out bittersweet feelings for many.  The loss of a loved one, the loss of employment, a lost relationship,  social status and more, are remembered.    If you are among the many, think about comparing your life to a ship afloat at sea.   As the storms come and heavy rains fall […]