If not here then where?

Want to start today without yesterday’s chaos, check in and ask, “Where am I – here or there?” Want to live today without yesterday’s anxious thoughts, check in and affirm:   In the multitude of my anxious thoughts, I am comforted.   My heart and mind open to new ways of seeing, feeling and doing what is […]

We are at choice, decide.

Knowing we are at choice, why decide to choose the latter? We decide how to live our lives –  happy or miserable. We choose to live life filled with love or fear.  We decide the who and what are similar or different. We choose to play the role of victor or victim. We decide to […]

Bittersweet feelings……

The Holiday Season seems to bring out bittersweet feelings for many.  The loss of a loved one, the loss of employment, a lost relationship,  social status and more, are remembered.    If you are among the many, think about comparing your life to a ship afloat at sea.   As the storms come and heavy rains fall […]

And, so it will be……

Everyday we live by choice.   We choose what we dwell on, what we say, what to eat, wear, love, forgive, not love, not forgive, the actions we take, not take and more. Everyday we are at choice.   Will we choose to repeat yesterday’s thoughts, words and actions?  Will we choose to react on _________or […]

Life – respond or react?

Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it.  A good thing to remember when life gets chaotic. How we choose to show up, will be the difference.  What role we decide to play – victim or victor – does matter.   When we live from our greatness, our highest potential,  […]

It’s your story….

We know we have a story.  The question is whose voice will tell your story?   Will your story be told from the inner critic who whispers you could have done better, you are not enough, undeserving, not worthy, etc.   Will you allow your story to be told by outsiders, who think they know you but […]

What we know….

What do we know? We know what is focused on becomes bigger, brighter and louder. We know many live life on auto-pilot. We know forgiveness is key to inner peace and happiness. We know yesterday can never be repeated and tomorrow may never come. We know there are 1440 minutes in a day and we […]

How will you choose?

The good book says it rains on the just and unjust.   With that being said, what matters then is not the rain, but what we do in the rain as it falls. We are told, the greatest weapon against ourselves is between our ears.   They are our thoughts of fear and doubt that come naturally […]

Would we be willing?

The thoughts we wake up to, really matter.    It is said if we wake up and look at what we have, we will find a way to have more. If we believe this statement as truth, would we be willing to wake up and change our thoughts?   Would we be willing to wake up and surround those we […]

Choose your path…..

There is a difficult path we walk every day and, we get to choose the degree of its difficulty. The path is meeting someone, anyone, half way.  The difficulty is in persisting on having things our way and resisting the ideas, help and love of others.   When we remain flexible, open and accepting,  we find […]