And so it will be…..

When we pray, avoid praying for conditions to change.   Instead, pray for your thoughts to change about the conditions.   For when we change our thoughts about the conditions, the conditions change.

Are you listening?

What are our words saying?  Listen. Are your words encouraging or hurtful?  LIsten. Do you often think if I could turn back the hands of time I would not have said that?   Listen. Are we repeating the same word/words everyday?  Listen. Do our words come from the heart or the head?  Listen It is said, it […]

Would we be willing?

The thoughts we wake up to, really matter.    It is said if we wake up and look at what we have, we will find a way to have more. If we believe this statement as truth, would we be willing to wake up and change our thoughts?   Would we be willing to wake up and surround those we […]

Can you?

If we can, would we? If we judged not, would we become the bridge over someones’ troubled water? If we embraced happiness, would we be happy? If we saw ourselves more than we are, would we become our vision? If we let go and forgive ourselves, would we say, ‘I Trust on Me’, and mean […]

Perceptions….what are we seeing?

There is always another way. Today, recognize that we can shift our perceptions and change what is being perceived through our senses.    It is that easy.  WHY?  Because when our perceptions change, we change and when we change, our beliefs, words, actions, habits and life change. For some, it will be difficult because they will choose to stubbornly hold onto yesterday’s perceptions.  […]

Influencing who?

Who are we attempting to influence in our prayer life? Emerson reminds us what lies behind us and what lies in front of us pales in comparison to what lies inside of us. Our background and situations may have influenced who we are, but we are responsible for who we become. Pray not to influence outside […]

Cause and effect, are we looking?

Thoughts of hate, anger and envy are like stones thrown into a lake.  They send out ripples extending far beyond human sight, and so it is with our thoughts. We are part of one Divinity, one Infinite Power, one Creator.   As we acknowledge our oneness, we shed light on the cause of our chaos.   Chaos […]

How big is your stone?

Many live with a raging battle between their ears.  Their minds warring against feelings and feelings battling against actions.    They experience conflict upon conflict and yet sing  let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me without feeling or understanding.    How is this possible? The size of the stone thrown into […]

The reason for change

If we believe we live on the wings of change then we believe we cannot duplicate our moments nor get into the river the same way twice. With change comes growth and with growth expansion.    As our awareness expands,  we begin to see the Divine Plan unfolding in our lives and understand the significance in […]