How curious are we?

Our curiosity plays a major role in our lives and in the lives of others.   So how curious are you? It was curiosity that stretched the limits of scientists and today we have space travel. It was curiosity among medical professionals that created a cholesterol test to assess our risk of a heart attack. It […]

Do you understand your filters?

Unguarded filters keep us from experiencing true happiness. Irrational filters believe it’s ok to not forgive or let go of a past story.   Uncontrolled filters keep us stuck insisting on having things our way or the highway.     Unconscious filters keep us feeling unloved preventing us from living as LOVE. Look around, then look again.  It […]

Ready or not here comes change

Facing the inevitability of change is challenging and at times down right HARD.    But, whether we are ready or not, change happens.    At some point we will change careers, partners, cars, homes, friends and more.  We grow older, gain and loss weight, spend money and save money.  We experience birth and sadly death.   Change […]

It’s a New Year….now what?

It’s January, the beginning of a New Year, so what changed?   If you find the only thing that changed is your calendar,  then you decided to hold onto the old, not let go of _________and not create space for the new ________. Living an extraordinary life is a decision.  If we are not living extraordinary, […]

A practice when challenged….

Complaining about life’s challenges will not eliminate them.   What complaining will do is make them bigger and louder. Accepting challenges is not easy but it is doable.   If you are tired of hearing yourself complain about this or that, the following 3 step NLP practice will help redirect your stress and help you live more […]

This __ without that ___ cannot be

Can we ever find a solution without having a problem or experience the beauty of a butterfly without the transformation of a caterpillar?   So why when we look for new beginnings, are we surprised when challenges and transformations present themselves? Think about this, can we ever experience the richness of life or fly free as […]

Begin your adventure…….

When does adventure begin?  It begins at the end of our comfort zone. Adventure begins when we let go of who we think we are and act on what we know we are. Adventure begins when we open our hearts and minds to opportunities from people, places and things. Adventure begins when we can see […]

And so it will be…..

When we pray, avoid praying for conditions to change.   Instead, pray for your thoughts to change about the conditions.   For when we change our thoughts about the conditions, the conditions change.

Are you listening?

What are our words saying?  Listen. Are your words encouraging or hurtful?  LIsten. Do you often think if I could turn back the hands of time I would not have said that?   Listen. Are we repeating the same word/words everyday?  Listen. Do our words come from the heart or the head?  Listen It is said, it […]

Would we be willing?

The thoughts we wake up to, really matter.    It is said if we wake up and look at what we have, we will find a way to have more. If we believe this statement as truth, would we be willing to wake up and change our thoughts?   Would we be willing to wake up and surround those we […]