Listen, what do you hear?

We are told, every story should have a beginning, middle and end. But, some stories seem to never end because the storytellers choose to tell the same story over and over again. We are told, every story has different roles played by different characters. But, some storytellers choose to the same story, play the same […]

Moments of oops

We will experience moments of oops if we are not mindful and present. We will hear oops – and repeat I did it again, I gave away my power to choose.  Why? We will think oops – I can’t do that and underestimate your power.  Why? We will feel oops – I won’t let go […]

Living in the wonder of a child

Do you want to live in the wonder of a child?   If yes, then  think like a child. A child does not relive yesterday’s games but focuses on the games at hand.   Children draw on their imagination and find creative ways of expression.  A child creates fun out of wondering and seeing possibilities. And, now […]

And, now we know!

If we knew living mindful of the present moment, aware of repetitive hurtful past stories causes undo stress and is harmful to our health, would we live mindfully? If we knew living mindfully, alert and expecting new opportunities each day would increase fulfillment and joy, would we choose to live mindfully?   Or, if we knew […]

So what do we want?

What do we have to do to create harmonious sounds?   We learn to listen and play along with other musicians. What do we have to do to play a piano?  We learn to play all the keys – the black and white,  sharps and flats.   And, what do we have to do to complete a […]

If we don’t___, then….

When we don’t let go of our negative thoughts, and meet them with understanding, they expose themselves in our words and actions. When we don’t let go of our negative thoughts, and meet them with kindness, they create feelings of unrest. When we don’t let go of our negative thoughts, and meet them with love, […]

What’s stopping you?

What stops us? We cannot reach the top of a mountain if we give up the climb.  BUT, first we have to choose the mountain.   Nor can we arrive at our final destination if we allow roadblocks to stop us.  BUT, we first have to choose a destination To be successful, we have to know […]

How will you choose?

Avoiding drama is not easy but possible when we choose the role of an observer and not the role of a participant. Like Aikido, a Japanese form of self-defense, an observer does not deny the situation, but steps to one side of the situation.   An observer does not embrace negative thoughts and emotions but chooses […]

If you knew…….

If we knew what we thought and said would come to pass, would we listen more intently?   If we understood that by words, we consciously and unconsciously paint pictures of our lives, would we be more observant? Proverbs reminds us over and over that there is power in our words.  How we trap ourselves by […]