So what do we want?

What do we have to do to create harmonious sounds?   We learn to listen and play along with other musicians. What do we have to do to play a piano?  We learn to play all the keys – the black and white,  sharps and flats.   And, what do we have to do to complete a […]

If we don’t___, then….

When we don’t let go of our negative thoughts, and meet them with understanding, they expose themselves in our words and actions. When we don’t let go of our negative thoughts, and meet them with kindness, they create feelings of unrest. When we don’t let go of our negative thoughts, and meet them with love, […]

What’s stopping you?

What stops us? We cannot reach the top of a mountain if we give up the climb.  BUT, first we have to choose the mountain.   Nor can we arrive at our final destination if we allow roadblocks to stop us.  BUT, we first have to choose a destination To be successful, we have to know […]

How will you choose?

Avoiding drama is not easy but possible when we choose the role of an observer and not the role of a participant. Like Aikido, a Japanese form of self-defense, an observer does not deny the situation, but steps to one side of the situation.   An observer does not embrace negative thoughts and emotions but chooses […]

If you knew…….

If we knew what we thought and said would come to pass, would we listen more intently?   If we understood that by words, we consciously and unconsciously paint pictures of our lives, would we be more observant? Proverbs reminds us over and over that there is power in our words.  How we trap ourselves by […]

It’s a New Year….now what?

It’s January, the beginning of a New Year, so what changed?   If you find the only thing that changed is your calendar,  then you decided to hold onto the old, not let go of _________and not create space for the new ________. Living an extraordinary life is a decision.  If we are not living extraordinary, […]

A 2 Step Process….examine your files

Dr. Bruce Lipton compares the subconscious mind to a computer hard drive processing, storing and labeling files all the time.    And, without taking time to examine the effects of our thoughts, it would be almost impossible to identify the files mislabeled because of clouded perceptions, fear of rejection, feelings of unworthiness, expectations being disappointed, […]


When we practice mindful living, we are conscious of our triggers.   Triggers are emotions we pack deep inside.  They are associated with thoughts, feelings and traumas of past experiences carried from place to place and person to person. As 2017 comes to a close, take time to look inside your heart and see what emotional baggage you are carrying.  Then, decide to embrace, feel and let go of the […]