Directions …. where are you going

A great philosopher wrote: If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.  He will put some things behind, will pass an invisible boundary and new will begin to establish themselves around and within […]

Uncovering the truth

Reactions are learning opportunities in disguise. We react when fearful, when we believe something or someone will be taken away.   In this reactive mode, we become irritated at everything surrounding us.   We are annoyed when people move too slow or things get in our way.   We become bother and see small things as insurmountable.   But, […]

Live enlightened….

Are we living enlightened? When enlightened, we break the silence is golden rule and speak words of kindness everywhere and to everyone. When enlightened, we look and see the beauty that surrounds us. When enlightened, we live authentically and not imitate the lives of others. Live enlightened and find the missing peace you are looking […]

Enlightened and at Rest

How do we know we are living enlightened? When the roles we choose to play no longer feel right When the beliefs we once held in our hearts no longer serve our highest goods When our thoughts, words and action no longer align with the truth of who we are When we are present and […]

Listen and hear…..

See the mind as a wonderful instrument needing fine tuning from time to time. And, when we do, we will move beyond the illusion of what is playing off-key, to playing in tune with the mind of God.   Listen and hear.

Live your bliss…

Live with purpose or live in the shadows of others. When we find our purpose, we find our gifts.   When we find our gifts, cures are discover and impossibilities become possible.    When we live in the IM POSSIBLE, we find fulfillment. You were created special and to share your special with others.   Live with […]

Living present in everything…

In everything there  is a time when people, places and things come into our lives and a time for them to leave. In everything there is a time for us to be taught and a time for us to teach. When we decide to live in the present, not in the past or the future,  […]

You are the Difference…

If asked what was the difference you made in the lives of others yesterday, how many pages would you  fill, 6, 4, 1? It is said, people tend to forget what we say but they will not forget how we made them feel.   Will you choose to be someones umbrella in rain,  their rainbow of […]


Are we the kind of friend we want others to be? As we need friends in our corner who believe in us and cheer us on, we need to be in their corner believing in them also.   When we begin and end each day thankful for the friends in our lives, we find our days […]