What do you believe?

What do you believe?   If you never asked that question or did and blew off the answer, today is the day to ask again and listen. What do you believe?   Do you believe life is more than yesterday’s detours and roadblocks?  Do you believe Heaven knows your existence and leads you to be everything you […]

A practice when challenged….

Complaining about life’s challenges will not eliminate them.   What complaining will do is make them bigger and louder. Accepting challenges is not easy but it is doable.   If you are tired of hearing yourself complain about this or that, the following 3 step NLP practice will help redirect your stress and help you live more […]

Did you hear your story?

Who and what we connect to becomes our story.   Will today be the day you let go of their story, so you can tell yours?   Never forget the truth of your story and the strength to tell it can only be found within. Choose this day and turn your attention from out there to in […]

Who are we?

Who are we? We are not our circumstances or possessions. We are not what we did or did not do in the past. If we are not our circumstances, possessions and past,  then who are we? We are this present moment and, the belief we now hold in our hearts.    

First Believe

To become who we want to be, we must first believe. Believe that our past story does not define us and choose a new story. Believe we are valued and what we say to ourselves and others will matter. Believe we are extraordinary and not mediocrity. And, now you will see how and what is […]

You, the miracle

How would we live if we knew today would be filled with miracles?    Would we give more and worry less?  Would we be more patient and compassionate?   How would we feel?  Would we feel lighter, more content and thankful? Believe it or not, each day begins with a miracle.   It’s the beating of your heart.     […]

So you believed in what?

What will you believe if you don’t believe in yourself? If we believe our significance comes from the acknowledgement of others, we will always be unsatisfied with our efforts until someone else acknowledges our good.   If we repeat over and over  hopeless dry desert stories from our past,  we will not believe or look for […]

Do you know the secret?

It has been said, the greatest secret in life is having faith in something.  And, YOU are that something. If we do not believe in ourselves, accept and love our perfect imperfections, then we will be ordinary people unable to accomplish extraordinary things.    BUT, if we believe we are whatever comes after our I AM,  […]

What we know….

What do we know? We know what is focused on becomes bigger, brighter and louder. We know many live life on auto-pilot. We know forgiveness is key to inner peace and happiness. We know yesterday can never be repeated and tomorrow may never come. We know there are 1440 minutes in a day and we […]

History, create it or read about it…..

What if you had a choice to read about history or be part of creating history.  What would you choose?   Would fear, doubt and what ifs choose for you? Edison failed 1000 times, his idea of a light bulb was considered impossible but Edison decided to create history. Honda found himself alienated from Japanese businessmen.  […]