Did you hear your story?

Who and what we connect to becomes our story.   Will today be the day you let go of their story, so you can tell yours?   Never forget the truth of your story and the strength to tell it can only be found within. Choose this day and turn your attention from out there to in […]

To live……

To live authentically, live accepting, loving, with compassion and understanding of self and others. For the value we place on ourselves, is the value we will place on others.

If you are ready, say YES

YES,  it is possible to practice and share unconditional love when we are ready to: stop looking for our differences recognize we are all perfect imperfections decline from playing the game of pretense decide to live from the heart not from ego allow ourselves to let go of expectations allow ourselves and others to just […]

Listen to the Inner Child

What would we hear if we asked our inner child what he/she wanted and needed?   Ask, then listen. Would we hear: I need to feel loved because when I feel loved I feel special. I want to feel heard because when I feel I am heard, I feel I matter. I need to feel safe […]

Over promising?

If we uncovered the why and the effects of over promising, would we over promise? When we over promise: we create excessive worry and stress. we set unrealistic expectations and dead lines. we diminish our self-worth, self-acceptance and increase the need for validation. we question if our best is good enough. we rob ourselves of […]

Are we responding or……?

Look and see – are we responding? We respond when we see people, places and things as they are, not as we expect them to be. We respond when we see our hearts and minds open to new ways, paths and suggestions. We respond when we see in the moment and not through past experiences. […]

The rest of your story…..

Question,  who would you be if your thoughts were only authentic, if you saw only right and pure, and acted only loving and admirable?  The answer, you would be living your truth and manifesting your dreams. Question,  if you believe your thoughts are reflected in your words and stimulate your actions;  your repeated actions create […]

Do you have statements of truth?

Affirming statements of truth releases fear, anxiety and discouragements.   Is one or more of the following statements, your truth? I trust and open my heart to accept and receive my good. I release all concerns knowing all things work together for my good even the ones I question. I trust and replace conditional love with […]

Life is…..

Life is not how we sing a song, but finding the courage to sing the song in our hearts.   It’s not about filling our lives with non-essentials, but filling our lives with meaningful specifics. Life is about uncovering our vision and purpose.   It’s about finding and accepting our authentic self, so we can help […]