Ever wonder what life is about?   For me, life is: not how or why you sing this song or that song, but finding the courage to sing a song. not how often or how long you meditate, but that you spend time with you and your Creator. not about filling your life with doing this […]

Are we living enlightened?

How will we know we are living enlightened? We will know when we are mindful of our surroundings, aware of our thoughts, careful with our words and accountable for our actions;  when we understand why we made this choice over that one; when the beliefs that no longer serve us are released and, our responses […]

What’s stopping you?

What stops us? We cannot reach the top of a mountain if we give up the climb.  BUT, first we have to choose the mountain.   Nor can we arrive at our final destination if we allow roadblocks to stop us.  BUT, we first have to choose a destination To be successful, we have to know […]

Did you hear your story?

Who and what we connect to becomes our story.   Will today be the day you let go of their story, so you can tell yours?   Never forget the truth of your story and the strength to tell it can only be found within. Choose this day and turn your attention from out there to in […]

To live……

To live authentically, live accepting, loving, with compassion and understanding of self and others. For the value we place on ourselves, is the value we will place on others.