Did you know?

Did you know, you are filled with Divine energy?  And,  did you know this energy can be channeled to direct and attract your good?    Now it’s up to you!  Are you ready?    

We are at choice….

It is said where our attention and intention goes, our energy flows.   If we accept this as a statement of truth, our thoughts will be filled with gratitude,  attracting our good.   We will say yes to life and send forth welcoming energy. We will see all experiences as opportunities to become aware of who […]

Listen and hear…..

See the mind as a wonderful instrument needing fine tuning from time to time. And, when we do, we will move beyond the illusion of what is playing off-key, to playing in tune with the mind of God.   Listen and hear.


Are we the kind of friend we want others to be? As we need friends in our corner who believe in us and cheer us on, we need to be in their corner believing in them also.   When we begin and end each day thankful for the friends in our lives, we find our days […]

Want more of……

Want to be remembered, follow Mother Teresa’s advice.  She writes, we are not remembered  by the number of diplomas hanging on our walls or the amount of money earned or possessions acquired.   It is by the love we shared, the food we gave to the hungry and the shelter we provided to those in need. […]