I CAN or I CAN’T choose!

There are many words describing what we believe, and the two that really matter are I CAN or I CAN’T. I CAN believers see a world filled with possibilities, support and encouragement. They understand behind challenges are opportunities of solutions.   I CAN believes don’t deny the storms of life, they see through them and find […]


Olympic Winner Simone Biles writes maybe it’s good we don’t know what will happen next in our stories because if we did, we may not turn the page and miss the experience of good that comes out of hard times. Remember all things, not some things, will work together for our good, IF we look […]

A Universal Law

Cause and Effect – A Universal Law. We see the world that has been made, but do we see ourselves as partners in its creation?  Don’t like what we see, change the cause, the effects will change automatically. You or I cannot escape from the world’s effects without changing the cause.  If we choose not to give up […]

Attitudes & Labels

Our  attitude and labels toward this or that determines how we feel about conditions and experiences.    Think of a wanted or unwanted situation and listen to the evidence gathered in your thoughts and words. A simple shift in attitude, that is turning away from the condition, changes the experience.   An experience is an experience […]

Tell or Share

Do we tell or share?  The following questions shared will tell, We tell when our words direct others on what they should do or not do. We share when our words ask, ‘how is this important to you?’ We tell when we make assumptions about what others are thinking. We share when we ask others […]

How to live a happy life……

Three ways to live a happy life:  Decide to  Decide to  Decide to We are at choice.   When we decide to live a happy life we find things to smile at, identify people, places and things to be grateful for, release toxic thoughts about yesterday, affirm our truth and experience our full potential. Today, I […]

So what’s in your story?

Everything is a story and everything has a beginning, a middle and an end.   But, some stories never end because the storytellers choose to tell the same story over and over again. Everything is a story with various roles and different characters.   But, some storytellers never change characters or roles.  They choose to repeat the […]

Living your dream……

In 1953, three neighborhood vocalist known as The Harptones came together to live their dream and sang …. Life is but a dream it’s what you make it…..They proved life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it. Like the clouds that cover the sun, but can’t stop the sun […]

Our we intending….

Did you know that  71% of people who get up and make their bed are happier, exercise regularly and feel well rested. I  wondered why until I read that Poet Robert Frost made his bed and when he did, he also made up his mind to have a good day.   Life can be as simple […]